The Better Way to Communicate Around Cleaning & Maintenance

Communication involving cleaners or maintenance crews is hard, particularly when it involves teams on your side and residents when needed. TIDY makes it easy by offering a consolidated platform that everyone can use the way they want, but shared into 1 spot.

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How TIDY helps improve communication.


Integrate TIDY into Your Applications
You control how you want to get notified of events or messages: Slack, MS Teams, Email, SMS, webhooks, & more.

Your Residents and Pros Choose How They Want To Get Notified
Your residents and pros choose how they want to get notified on their side. Typically, SMS works best.


One Central Location
View all communication in 1 central location inside TIDY. Integrate this back out into other applications as needed via webhook or our API.

"TIDY's tools are super powerful and flexible, it is really cool what you can build on top of it."

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