Reduce No-Shows

Home cleaners are notoriously unreliable. TIDY helps fix call outs by predicting issues, helping arrange standbys, and helping respond instantly to get replacements.

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How TIDY helps solve call outs.


Create Your Backup Plan
We make it easy to identify what you want to do in the event a pro can't make it. You control who gets notified, when they can help, and whether you want TIDY's help.

TIDY Predicts Issues
TIDY uses our AI to predict issues before they happen, helping us to work on solutions proactively.


Smart Standby Cleaners
TIDY helps clients have standbys ready in the area of potential issues. That way, if a pro can't make it, the standby immediately fills in.

Fast Responses
TIDY works instantly to follow your preferences when being notified of an issue. Speed matters when you are trying to get a property cleaned before the next guest.


"I love my pro but sometimes they can't make it. TIDY is great because it starts working on a fix right away and let's me see what is going on."

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