The smart way to keep your property maintained.

Scan your rental properties to get personalized, expert maintenance suggestions over time and a map that can be used by service providers.

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How It Works

Scan Your Property

Scan your rental property, and our AI will automatically track major appliances and assets.

Relax and let TIDY do the work

Get a Personalized Expert Plan

We make you a personalized  plan to care for each of your properties. We have helped thousands know:

  • What maintenance tasks are recommended.
  • When most people do the task
  • How experts do the task.

Free Floor Plan

When you scan, you also get a floor plan of your property. Share it with your any service provider to make things go smoothly.

Digital To-Do Lists

Create great looking to-do lists with photos and instructions for your properties. Create a link and share it with someone cleaning so they know exactly what you want done. No log in required.

Top performing professional cleaners

Help When You Need It

Most things you can do yourself. But if you ever need help, our concierge will help get it done at a reasonable price.

"I feel more on top of my properties because I get reminders about what I should be doing to keep them in good shape. I sleep easier knowing someone is there to remind me."

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