How TIDY Works



Want a TIDY+ every week? No problem. Choose the length and frequency of each cleaning by clicking the "Get Started" button. When you select a cleaning schedule, the same, cheerful Homekeeper will arrive each week to transform your home.


Step 2:

express your preferences

Everyone has preferences when it comes to their home cleaning. TIDY makes it easy for you to share what you would like done (and what you don't) with your Homekeeper. TIDY automatically estimates the time it takes to complete each task, and determines what can or cannot be done during your selected cleaning time.


step 3:

Get your home cleaned!

Each Homekeeper uses a smartphone to follow your specific instructions to the tee. Want them to make the bed a certain way every time?  No problem. Want them to focus on a certain area? Just say the word.


step 4:

watch Cleanings Improve over time

After each cleaning, TIDY collects feedback from you and your Homekeeper. Cleaning instructions and time estimates are then updated in our system for your future cleanings. This helps your Homekeeper take better care of your home.



Home? Rental? Office? Realtor?
Select the account type that best matches you, and we will start your To Dos with what is most popular for your account type.

The Homekeepers clearly know what to do. That, coupled with the convenience of the app, and the seriously unbelievable prices make a weekly home cleaning a no-brainer.”

- Michael B., Los Angeles

What Makes TIDY Different






Our Homekeepers

At TIDY, we don't use words like "maid" or "house cleaner" because we believe they do so much more. TIDY Homekeepers not only clean, but they care for your home.




Hundreds of Homekeeper applications are submitted to TIDY every month, but few become TIDY certified.

All certified Homekeepers have background checks and successfully complete a rigorous certification test. 



Our certification program was influenced by cleaners who worked with top celebrities in Los Angeles, who knows a thing or two about keeping a clean home. 



With TIDY, the aim is to give you the same Homekeeper each time. However, Homekeepers are human. If they can't make it, you can get a replacement. 

Remember, your instructions are recorded in their TIDY app so they can still deliver the consistent service that you expect.



TIDY is a new, innovative approach to home cleaning. We believe you should not pay for services you don't want, and your preferences are unique. For that reason, TIDY proactively records your preferences, makes it easy for Homekeepers to learn those preferences. Let's just say we take feedback seriously.


More Bang for your buck

Imagine this - John really hates washing dishes and considers that first priority for his Homekeeper. Jennifer, however, prefers her Homekeeper focus on deep cleanings, like the stovetop.

With normal cleaning companies, both people would pay for both services. With TIDY, you pay for only what you want.


regular cleanings means better cleanings

Regular, recurring home cleanings are better for your stress level. Imagine a world where you don't have to worry when or "if" the house will get cleaned! It's already been scheduled. It's also better on your wallet - the more often your Homekeepers clean, the more familiar they are with your home and your preferences. 

Get the cleanings you want done, in less time. 


OUR technology

TIDY was built on the belief that technology can improve service quality, increase accountability, facilitate feedback, and keep our prices low. A high-tech mindset is adopted around everything - from online scheduling system to the cleaning products used on your floors.



Your home cleaning preferences are saved in the TIDY system, and delivered directly to your Homekeepers... via their mobile device! This means the things that are important to you, get done.

This technology is the first of it’s kind to hit the home cleaning market.


family-friendly, HIGH-PERFORMANCE Products

Don't worry about bleach powder blowing on your black rug. TIDY Homekeepers are equipped for performance, speed, and safety. All equipment and solutions they use must be certified as safe and green.  Plus, they often smell divine! 

TIDY Homekeepers use a mix of environmentally responsible, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products.

I’ve only had good experiences with their customer service and I like their technology-focused approach to house cleaning - things like autopay, reminder emails, and online scheduling make it easy!
- David K., Santa Monica

OUR Service

From we have industry standard background checks and our concierge available to help. TIDY goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service and peace of mind.

Cancel Anytime, for Any Reason

Sometimes you're traveling. Or you'd rather do your own home cleaning. We understand. Cancel TIDY at any time.  We just ask 24 hour notice to your homekeeper.  View cancellation policy.

Satisfaction GUARANTEED

If you are unhappy with your first cleaning for any reason, TIDY will offer to send someone else to come back to get those missed spots. More.

Help Is Always Near

Like a hotel concierge service, you are encouraged to text or email TIDY Concierge. Friendly TIDY Concierge agents can answer your questions, help with custom cleaning requests, and more.

Give the Gift of a Clean Home

Some people prefer chocolates, but we politely disagree. It’s called "chores" for a reason, right? TIDY cleanings make great gifts, especially for people with limited time or physical mobility.


TIDY Packages

When signing up for TIDY, please select from one of the following cleaning packages. You can update your package at any time, or mix and match packages down the road, if desired.


1 Homekeeper, 1 Hour.

Best for studios, 1 bedroom apartments, or very small homes. Typically scheduled weekly.

This quick clean for the budget-conscious most often includes primary areas, like the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and master bathroom.


1 Homekeeper, 2.5 Hours.

Best for homes with 2+ bedrooms, or deep cleans of small homes. Typically scheduled weekly.

This longer clean most often includes the most important areas of your home (bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces), customized to your preference. 


2 Homekeepers, 4 Hours.

Best for homes in need of deep, thorough cleanings. Typically scheduled 1-2 times per month.

This deep clean generally covers all rooms in the home, and gives time for extra attention to the details you care about (stairs, hallways, floors, etc).

All cleanings are customized by you for the time you purchase.