Our Biggest Update Yet: TIDY 5.0 - The world’s most advanced tool for managing cleaning & maintenance.

April 4, 2024

TIDY is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year, and is happy to announce the release of version 5.0. This latest version represents a significant leap forward in the world of property cleaning & maintenance, driven by our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Version 5.0 has been rewritten considerably with the following goals in mind:

  1. Human-in-the-loop workflows. Use our concierge for a fraction of the cost to do human tasks, automating everything as an extension of your Ops team. Imagine automating tedious human tasks seamlessly, extending your operations team's capabilities and efficiency.
  2. Improved UI. We've revamped the UI to offer a comprehensive view of your properties, empowering you with advanced schedule views, streamlined search functionalities, and improved filtering options. Now, managing multiple properties has never been easier.
  1. Speed. The app runs on average 70% faster and, in some cases, up to 95% faster. This enhanced speed translates to quicker task completion and heightened productivity.
  2. 24/7 Free Emergency Issue availability. Create a Smart Number for guests/tenants, and they can text in to report an issue. Our concierge team will create the issues or job requests following your custom rulesets. Available 24/7 at no additional cost.
  3. AI “Magic SMS”. You can use your own Magic Number to talk with pros, having all that communication flow into the TIDY app. If you talk about scheduling or other changes, you can set it up to have us automatically update your account for you, using AI that understands what you are talking about and taking action on your behalf.

Over 10,000 property managers automate the cleaning and maintenance process, allowing them to save time spent by ops teams.

TIDY's latest updates help with the 3 key areas of cleaning and maintenance management:

  • Turnovers - We have long been good at helping you automate turnovers. Our UI and speed improvements are particularly designed to help make these workflows easier.
  • Emergency Maintenance - Our new "Smart Numbers" allow you to easily have guests or tenants message in emergency needs. You can then set up triage steps, and we can help automate the actual steps to resolve the maintenance in accordance with your schedule. As they make requests, tasks can get automatically added to your task management tool.
  • Regular Maintenance - Our new tasks system makes it easier to track all the tasks for your property management, have everything visible to all parties. You can even assign tasks to the Concierge to have us automatically take actions on your behalf.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Now you can set up almost any kind of preventative maintenance schedules. Ask tasks come due, they can be automatically added to your task management board for resolution.

With each category of cleaning or maintenance, you can let us know how you want things done, and we can help to automate it. With TIDY 5.0, we can automate more than ever, now up to 90%.

If interested in learning more, here are 3 blog posts on 3 key features that have been updated, so you can see a bit more detail about some of these great new features:

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