TIDY To Dos are a better way of communicating with your Homekeeper.  You can identify exactly what your home looks like, define exactly how the Homekeeper spends their time, and make sure they do it correctly.  TIDY gets smarter over time at helping you do this.

People use TIDY To Dos to do things like:

  • Show cleaners how to make beds

  • Show how to operate washing/laundry machine

  • Show where to find a hidden key to get in

  • And more!

Here is a real example from a client who used photos to show exactly what they wanted:

Group 9 (1) (1).png

You can see how by adding photos and notes, as well as highlighting what is most important, cleaners can more easily do exactly what you want, every time.

Create your home

Set up your floorplan with your exact list, so your Homekeeper knows exactly what your home is like.  Flag rooms for them to not enter, or what to not do in any room.

Example: Indicate that I have a 3 bed, 2 bath home, but that the baby's room is off limits.

home and room builder.png


Set Your To Dos

By default, we start you with the most common To Dos for your floorplan.  Add, edit, or remove To Dos to make each cleaning your own.  Indicate whether we should do it every time, every other time, or occasionally.  Homekeepers will rotate occasional tasks in over time.

In addition, you can add photos to To Dos, “Star” To Dos to show they are most important, and view the estimated time your tasks will take.


  • Sweep the patio the next cleaning.

  • Wash the dishes every cleaning.

  • Every other cleaning, vacuum the guest room.

Customize Each To Do

Add details to each To Do to ensure your Homekeeper does it exactly the way you want.


  • Use hospital corners on the beds.

  • Make sure to put spoons away in the top drawer to the left of the sink.

  • Make sure to use my special cleaner on the floors.

download (5) (1).png

download (6) (1).png

Better Over Time

As we collect your priorities over time, and get to know your home, we are able to more accurately predict what can be done in a cleaning, suggest To Dos you may want to do, and optimize your cleanings to enable your Homekeeper to do more in less time.

Example: If your Homekeeper is able to complete everything faster than expected, we will update the estimated times for future To Dos to allow you to fit more in!

Try TIDY To Dos - Risk Free.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.