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Use TIDY to create a digital To-Do List of everything you want done. Then share that list for free with cleaners & other home service professionals. Popular To-Dos include:

  • 🛏️ Show how to make your bed.
  • 🧺 Show how you like laundry done.
  • 🗝️ Show how to get in.
  • 📷 Get before and after photos.
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Digital to-do list for cleaning

Features of TIDY To-Dos

Smart Automatic Suggestions

We have probably seen it before, so when you pick something we can ask thoughtful follow ups to ensure we get what you want. For example you say you want the refrigerator cleaned, did you want the items all removed for a deep clean? Did you want the ice tray defrosted?

Add Photos to Show What You Want

Add photos to your To-Dos to really show what you want. We have found photos to improve success by over 50%!

Smart Time Estimates

We use machine learning to predict the time it will take to complete a task, based on over 1 Million examples. This way you can smarter budget how long a job will take, and prioritize.

Prioritize What is Most Important

Most people have some things that are super important. Highlight those so your pro knows too.

Before & After Photos

Get photos from your pro to see what things looked like before the job started, and after they finished. Helpful as a way to see what guests did to your property or as a way to ensure quality work!