TIDY is an amazing way to book and manage cleanings at any of your properties. Most people use TIDY absolutely free, but thousands also use our paid offerings. Reach out to us if you ever have questions!


  • 📋 Create & share stunning digital to-do lists.
  • 🙋 Add & manage your exising pros/vendors.
  • 📲 Easily send job requests to one or many pros.
  • 🚀 Integrate with Airbnb & more for automatic booking.
  • 💻 Use our API & webhooks.

Pay as You Go

  • ⚡ Instantly book a certified Pro from our network, who can be there as soon as today.
  • 😎 Upfront pricing. Just add your address to your account to get a transparent price for any service.
  • ⭐ Used by over 20,000 clients. See reviews.

Pricing Examples:

Example 1: You work with Ana who cleans your home for rental turnovers. You add her to your TIDY account to share your digital to-do list and automatically book her when guests check out. You send her 100 jobs using TIDY. Your cost is $0 (free).

Example 2: Ana leaves for a while and you use TIDY to find you a new pro named Maria. You look up the price for your address and see it is $100 per cleaning for your needs. You send 2 jobs to Maria, who completes them. Your cost is 2 jobs at $100 each totaling $200.

Example 3: Ana comes back, and now you do 10 more jobs, 6 with Ana and 4 with Maria. Your cost is 6 jobs free and 4 jobs at $100 each totaling $400.