5 Cleaning Strategies for a Long-Term Airbnb Rental

April 17, 2023

Owning or managing a long-term Airbnb rental is not straightforward. Even if you have managed many Airbnbs, there are challenges with long-term rentals that are distinct and different from short-term Airbnb rentals. These challenges include maintaining cleanliness, so you always present a space that lives up to your high standards, no matter how many nights your guests stay.

5 Strategies To Keep Your Long-Term Rental Clean

So how is managing the cleaning process of a long-term rental different? In short-term rentals, cleanings are typically done before and after each guest's stay (turnover cleaning). Long-term rentals require ongoing efforts to keep the space clean and comfortable for guests. Many long-term rental owners schedule cleanings at regular intervals so that even if there is no guest turnover, they can be confident knowing that their rental space is refreshed for the next visitor.

Luckily, strategies and tools are available for keeping your long-term rental clean. This way, you know you're presenting the best version of your property as time passes, regardless of shifting needs or messes left behind. So, let's talk about what you can do to keep your rental clean, including having everything on hand that you will need to make each cleaning as seamless as possible.

1. Schedule Weekly Cleanings With Automated Cleaning Software

Automated cleaning software makes scheduling cleanings and coordinating with your cleaning staff simple. Long-term rentals are different. You'll want to perform turnover cleanings before new renters check-in. Further, you may also have a cleaning schedule so that you are checking in and cleaning on a routine, even if the tenants remain the same. Routine cleanings may be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Which schedule you select will influence the separate cleaning rates you will charge your guests or your overall nightly rate.

To avoid surprises, it is important to communicate cleaning fees upfront for potential guests and go over the cleaning schedule with current renters. With automated cleaning software, you can sync your Airbnb rental schedule with your cleaning software. This way, turnover cleaning, and regular cleanings can be scheduled automatically and communicated with your cleaning professionals.

2. Provide Extra Linens and Towels

By having extra sets of linens and towels, you save time and energy during cleanings. Instead of washing the dirty linens and towels before you can put fresh ones out, your cleaner can replace the dirty ones with clean ones. This is a huge timesaver. When your cleaner doesn't have to spend part of their cleaning time washing and drying sheets and towels, they can focus on other tasks, resulting in a more thorough cleaning overall.

Depending on the setup, your cleaner can wash the extra sets while they perform the rest of the cleaning checklist and then put them away before they leave, or dirty linens and towels can be taken off-site and washed.  

There are other benefits to having multiple sets of linens and towels. When you wash linens and towels frequently, they show signs of wear and tear more quickly. So, by having extra sets, you can rotate them out and use each set less often. This method helps prolong the life of linens and keep your space fresh and inviting.

3. Stock Your Rental With Cleaning Supplies

Having a rental that is well-stocked with all the cleaning supplies that will be needed can save your cleaner time and effort by not having to bring their own supplies each time they come to clean the rental property.

If your cleaner has access to the same cleaning products each time, they will develop a routine and work more systematically, resulting in more thorough and consistent cleanings. In many rental properties, cleaning supplies are kept in a locked closet or in another area separate from areas guests can access. This provision helps reduce clutter in guest spaces.

Another benefit of having your rental property stocked with cleaning supplies is that it can help you save money in the long run. Buying cleaning supplies in bulk and having them available for your cleaner is a small investment that can make a big difference in the efficiency and quality of your cleaning routine. This outcome is especially true if you have multiple rental properties.

4. Mention All Cleaning Expectations in Your House Rules

If you are renting out a property, it is essential to communicate your cleaning expectations to your guests. This way, your guests know what maintenance tasks you expect of them and what will be handled by a cleaning professional, preventing misunderstandings or issues during their stay.

One way to do this is to outline each cleaning policy in writing. This step could be a welcome letter, house rules, or a guidebook you provide guests. Be sure to include specific instructions. Hosts often designate certain cleaning tasks for guests, such as taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and leaving the property tidy. In contrast, professional cleaners complete the larger Airbnb cleaning checklist tasks like washing linens, vacuuming, etc.

5. Regularly Check In With Guests

Checking in with guests and inquiring if there are any concerns or issues that they would like you to address will go a long way toward guest satisfaction. While some guests may feel comfortable staying in the rental property while the cleaners are there, others may be uncomfortable around cleaners performing their tasks and would prefer to leave for a few hours and return to a clean space.

To avoid surprises, communicate with your guests and cleaners about their preferences and expectations so that no one is caught off guard. These simple, thoughtful gestures will usually be remembered when it comes time for guests to leave reviews.  

For Longer or Shorter Stays, We'll Help You Maintain a Clean Space

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