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December 4, 2023

Excellent guest experiences start from the moment your vacation property visitors enter your rental homes. Clean, welcoming environments make visitors feel at home, ensuring they enjoy their stays and spread the word about your properties. However, if your rental properties remain consistently busy, it can be challenging to coordinate reliable cleaners and achieve quick turnarounds for your rental business.

If you manage rental properties and need a solution to rental property cleaning challenges and maintenance requests, this article is for you. We’ll show you how linking vacation rental websites like with maintenance and cleaning software from TIDY can streamline property management companies' cleanings while providing exceptional guest experiences.

Let's explore the benefits of integrating your rental properties with TIDY's property management software and simplifying property management — so you can spend more time elevating guest experiences and less time coordinating cleaning systems.

The Synergy of + TIDY

Property management firms that list rental properties on or other vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb already understand the benefits of these platforms. Offering broad exposure to global audiences, can boost the visibility and reach of rental properties among potential guests. From families planning summer reunions to professionals seeking corporate retreat spaces, links guests with their homes away from home.

As a busy property manager navigating the ups and downs of the real estate industry, you also know how vital your cleaning industry professionals are to efficient turnovers. When you link with TIDY, you get a powerful duo to help streamline rental cleaning and property maintenance.

TIDY combines cleaning software, artificial intelligence (AI), and the human touch to automate cleaning appointments, ensuring efficient turnovers between guest reservations. It also facilitates communication between property managers and cleaning professionals, reduces the risk of no-shows, and centralizes reservation management.

In an industry where time is of the essence, TIDY can help facilitate operations and ensure a hassle-free experience for you, your guests, and your cleaning professionals.

To link TIDY with your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your and TIDY accounts. If you don't have a TIDY account already, create one here.
  2. Navigate to your settings page and copy your iCal link.
  3. Navigate to your TIDY home page and click the "Integrations" link in the left menu bar.
  4. Select "Add Integration."
  5. On the new screen displaying different integration types, choose "iCal" and search for
  6. Paste your iCal link into the designated field.
  7. Provide your property's address to complete the form.
  8. Opt for "Automatic Booking" and customize it based on your requirements, including check-in and check-out times and preferred cleaning types.

Main Benefits of Integrating With TIDY

Given its global reach, has become a go-to platform for listing rental properties. As of September 2023, the website was the most visited travel and tourism website globally, attracting over 554 million website visitors, according to Statista.

However, property managers have myriad responsibilities beyond listing properties on the platform. From handling lease agreements and property accounting and marketing to navigating property inspections and maintenance issues, they have a lot on their plates.

Part of the responsibility with each rental agreement includes ensuring timely, thorough turnarounds after each guest's stay. If you're a time-strapped property manager looking to simplify and improve your post-departure cleanings, sync your account with TIDY today to unlock the following advantages.

Ensure Perfect Turnovers

Seamless transitions between guest stays are crucial to customer satisfaction. By integrating with TIDY, you'll have perfect turnovers as your cleaning crew fulfills cleaning requests according to your preferences. TIDY automates the process to ensure your properties get the care and attention they deserve while you manage the process through our user-friendly cleaning software.

With cleanings on autopilot, you get back more free time and eliminate the complexities of coordinating cleaning services. TIDY facilitates turnovers immediately after the current guests check out, empowering you to concentrate on other facets of property management, all while ensuring a pristine and inviting space for incoming guests.

Prevent No-Shows

Integrating your listings with TIDY reduces no-shows among your cleaning professionals. Within the "My Pros" section of the TIDY platform, your designated professionals can accept jobs in the predetermined order you establish.

TIDY uses predictive analytics to identify potential issues and reduce no-shows, allowing you to arrange standbys and respond promptly to secure replacements. With TIDY technology, you can:

  • Create a contingency plan: Outline your preferences for handling situations when a pro is unavailable. You control who receives notifications, the timing of assistance, and whether you want TIDY's support.
  • Predict issues: Leveraging advanced AI, TIDY anticipates potential problems and enables proactive problem-solving.
  • Have standbys ready: TIDY assists in having standby cleaners ready when issues arise. If a pro can't make it, a standby cleaner can pick up the slack.
  • Respond quickly: TIDY acts swiftly when problems arise based on your preferences. Rapid response times ensure you can get a property cleaned before the next guest's arrival.

Save Time by Automatically Setting Up Cleaning Requests

Linking your account with TIDY simplifies your cleaning workflow when guests depart. TIDY triggers the cleaning process immediately after check-out, speeding up turnovers and eliminating the hassle of coordinating schedules through endless phone calls or texts.

Here's how the automatic booking feature works:

  1. TIDY identifies a new guest reservation from your account and automatically adds it to the "Reservations" tab in the app.
  2. Upon receiving the check-out notification, TIDY promptly initiates a turnover cleaning request, adhering to the instructions you've specified under "Automatic Booking."
  3. Your listed professionals in the "My Pros" section of the app have the opportunity to accept the job following the predetermined order you've set.
  4. Professionals who accept a cleaning assignment gain access to your instructions and to-do list (if applicable) while communicating with you through the app.
  5. Your property is now ready for the next guest, and you can enjoy a worry-free experience without micromanaging a single detail.

Bring All the Cleaners You Work With

Integrating your trusted cleaners into TIDY offers various benefits, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your property management:

  • Faster turnarounds: Using your cleaning team, already acquainted with your properties, ensures prompt turnovers to meet the demands of back-to-back reservations.
  • Consistent quality: Cleaners who align with your expectations can maintain a high standard of cleaning, contributing to positive guest experiences and reviews.
  • Effortless communication: You can convey specific instructions and communicate with your trusted cleaning team through TIDY, eliminating phone tags.
  • Cost efficiency: Integrating your cleaning team eliminates the need for sourcing new cleaners for each turnover, saving on recruitment and training costs.

By integrating your cleaners with TIDY, you streamline communication, save time, enjoy faster turnarounds, and maintain consistent cleanliness across your rental properties.

Simplify and Automate Turnovers Between Reservations Today

Linking TIDY to isn't just about managing reservations or property management tasks; it's about modernizing property maintenance and enhancing business owners' reputations in the property management industry. With TIDY integration, property managers can automate cleaning appointments in a few clicks, ensuring flawless turnovers between guest reservations.

Say goodbye to the complexities of coordinating cleaning services manually and hello to a more efficient property management experience. If you're ready to harness the combined potential of and TIDY and change the way you manage rental properties, take the first step by creating your TIDY account today.

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