Guesty For Hosts: A Comprehensive Guide

June 2, 2023

While operating your own short-term rental(s) is a beneficial business endeavor, it’s no secret that it is also a time-consuming, costly, and sometimes stressful one. If you are a rental host looking for ways to make your hosting process simpler and more efficient, you may want to consider trying Guesty For Hosts.

Guesty For Hosts is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that helps you run your rental business like a pro. In this article, we’ll explain what exactly Guesty For Hosts is, how it works, what its key features are, and how it compares to Guesty For Pros. Continue reading to learn all about this simplified hosting solution and how it integrates with TIDY for a completely hands-off hosting experience.

What Is Guesty for Hosts?

Guesty For Hosts (previously Your Porter App) is a property management platform designed for hosts who manage up to 50 listings on Airbnb and other major booking channels. Guesty For Hosts aims to provide hosts with an affordable and simple solution to manage their rentals in an efficient and profitable way.

With this platform, hosts can easily manage their properties through a unified dashboard. This dashboard allows hosts to send automated messages, sync calendars, manage cleaning schedules, view financial reports, and more. Guesty For Hosts also helps hosts build their own professional websites with seamless booking integration.

The Guesty For Hosts app can help hosts save 40+ hours of administrative work per week, and it is a preferred hosting software of Airbnb.

How Guesty for Hosts Works

With Guesty For Hosts, hosts simply sign up and select a plan depending on the number of rental properties they operate. Guesty pricing starts at $34 per month for your first listing.

Once signed up, the Guesty software lets you connect your listings from various online booking platforms, such as Airbnb,, Vrbo, and other major sites. You can then manage all your listings from one place and keep them updated with pricing, availability, and content. On Guesty's unified dashboard, you can easily manage each stay via synced calendars and guest messaging capabilities. Checkout is also made easy with automated reminders and TIDY integration for professional cleaning services.

Guesty for Hosts: Key Features

Guesty For Hosts offers a variety of features that help you manage your rental properties more efficiently. Let’s go over some of Guesty For Hosts’ key features below.

Direct Booking

With Guesty For Hosts’ website builder, you can now create and manage your own direct booking website in minutes. The platform lets you customize your website with your own logo, colors, images, content, and domain name. You can also add more pages to showcase your services, promotions, or other information about your spaces. The platform ensures your site is mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized to attract more visitors and conversions. The website builder also lets you seamlessly integrate Stripe or PayPal payments for bookings, security deposits, and other charges.

Automated Guest Communication

Guesty For Hosts helps you send messages to guests in a timely and personalized way with its automated messaging feature. On the dashboard, you can easily create message templates for different scenarios and languages and set up triggers based on events, dates, or times. You can then personalize these messages with information like guest name(s), check-in date(s), guest departure checklists, wifi passwords, and more.

Guest messages can be sent through various channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and email, depending on what works best for you and your guests. The messaging function also makes it easy to manage and reply to all your guest messages from one place. Plus, once your guest’s stay is complete, you can send automated review and feedback requests to boost your positive reviews.

Cleaning Management

Another time saver of Guesty For Hosts is the cleaning management feature. This feature allows you to schedule and automate cleanings and other team tasks with ease. On the dashboard, you can set up cleaning tasks for each listing and assign them to your cleaners or other staff members. You can then track the status of each task from your dashboard and get notified when they are completed. The feature also allows for notifications and reminders to be sent to your team via email or SMS.

The cleaning management tool also integrates seamlessly with TIDY, a leading cleaning management software. TIDY helps hosts create checklists for each listing, monitor the quality of each cleaning job with photos and ratings, communicate with their cleaners via chat, and pay them automatically, making it the perfect solution for hosts who want to hire professional cleaners.

Guesty for Pros vs Hosts: Which Is Right for You?

Guesty offers two different solutions for property managers: Guesty For Pros and Guesty For Hosts.

Guesty For Hosts is a property management platform designed for hosts who manage just a handful of rental properties. It offers helpful features for hosts to automate their workflows, communicate with guests, accept direct bookings, schedule cleanings, and more.

Guesty For Pros offers the same features in addition to some more robust features such as revenue management, owner portal, reporting, and API access. Guesty For Pros is ideal for professional hosts who rent out more than four properties.

Both platforms grant hosts access to 24/7 customer service and assigned account managers, making hosting multiple properties a breeze. The decision between the two often comes down to the amount of rental properties you own. Luckily, you can sign up for a free trial to see how each platform works for you before you decide.

TIDY and Guesty Integrate To Make Managing Your Rental Business Easier

TIDY is a leading cleaning management software that helps property managers streamline their cleaning operations. With TIDY, property managers can easily generate checklists for each property, track the quality of cleaning tasks, communicate with cleaners via chat, and automate payment processes.

TIDY now integrates seamlessly with Guesty For Hosts (and Guesty For Pros) to make managing your rental business much easier. With TIDY’s integration, you can:

  • Sync your listings and reservations from Guesty For Hosts (or Guesty For Pros) to TIDY
  • Automatically schedule cleanings based on checkout dates
  • Assign cleaners based on availability or location
  • Send notifications and reminders to cleaners via email or SMS

Together, Guesty and TIDY make renting your short-term spaces easier than ever. With hours saved on administrative tasks every week, you can truly focus on growing your business and earning rental income.Sign up for TIDY today to start automating your rental cleaning process.

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