7 Benefits of Industrial Maintenance Services for Rental Property Managers

August 16, 2023

Industrial maintenance is a vital aspect of managing rental properties, especially those that involve heavy machinery and equipment. However, routine industrial maintenance can get complicated quickly, especially when managing multiple rental properties. Partnering with an industrial maintenance service instead of handling it all yourself can keep your rental properties in top shape.

What Is Industrial Maintenance?

Industrial maintenance and repair services refer to the regular inspection, repair, and upkeep of industrial assets, such as boilers, HVAC systems, generators, elevators, conveyor belts, and more. Rental property managers often find their upkeep challenging and time-consuming as they deal with multiple vendors, schedules, invoices, and reports on top of other expenses and responsibilities of property management. Some service providers may provide only select types of maintenance, such as industrial water tank maintenance services or portable machine services, and managing numerous services can get complicated.

Offering cleaning and maintenance to your tenants can increase their overall satisfaction. But industrial maintenance can end up costing you instead if not done properly or timely. It can result in operational downtime, emergency repairs, equipment breakdowns, tenant dissatisfaction, and regulatory fines.

That's why rental property managers should consider hiring professional industrial maintenance services to handle their industrial assets. Industrial maintenance services are companies that specialize in providing comprehensive and customized maintenance solutions for various types of properties. They have the expertise, experience, tools, and technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability of your industrial assets.

Benefits of Industrial Maintenance Services

Here are some of the benefits of industrial maintenance services for rental property managers:

1. Prevents Operational Downtime for Tenants

One of the main advantages of industrial maintenance services is that they can prevent equipment downtime for tenants. Operational downtime is the period when the industrial assets are not functioning properly or at all, causing disruption and loss of productivity for the tenants and their businesses. This costly downtime can negatively affect the tenants' revenue, reputation, and customer satisfaction.

Utilizing industrial cleaning and maintenance services can prevent operational downtime by performing regular preventive maintenance on machinery. Professional maintenance can also provide fast and effective repairs so tenants can resume production quickly. Tenants who experience minimal unplanned downtime in their operations are more likely to renew their leases and recommend the property to others.

2. Avoids Expensive Emergency Repairs

Emergency maintenance is needed when there is a sudden or unexpected equipment failure or problem with industrial assets that must be handled immediately. Emergency repairs can be very costly for rental property managers, as they may involve higher labor rates, overtime charges, premium parts prices, and additional fees. Industrial maintenance services can help you avoid these expenses with a preventative approach to maintenance.

Preventative industrial maintenance services perform regular maintenance on industrial assets to reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns, malfunctions, and failures. There will be fewer instances where emergency repairs are needed or warranted, saving money in the long run. Industrial maintenance services also have access to new technology that can take care of repairs quickly and efficiently.

3. Increases Machinery Longevity

Working with professional maintenance technicians can also increase machinery longevity, providing more value to rental property managers and tenants and reducing overhead costs.

Preventative maintenance by skilled technicians ensures that the machinery will remain in the best condition possible. Additionally, receiving corrective repairs as soon as possible by having a reliable maintenance partner reduces the wear and tear of machines. This means there will be less risk of permanent or irreversible damage to the industrial assets due to neglect or delay.

4. Enhances Tenant Happiness and Retention

Industrial maintenance services can enhance tenant happiness and retention, leading to higher profits and more stability for your rental property business. Tenants who are happy and loyal are more likely to stay longer, pay on time, refer new tenants, and provide positive feedback.

Maintenance services help tenants achieve their business goals and timelines by preventing operational downtime for tenants. It also provides responsive and courteous customer service, all of which can entice your tenants to renew their leases and maintain a positive opinion of your business.

5. Ensures Adherence to Safety Regulations

Industrial equipment maintenance services also ensure adherence to local safety regulations. These service providers perform regular safety inspections on the industrial equipment of one's property, making sure they are up-to-code and safe for employees to use. Most local laws even require property managers to perform such safety checks on a routine basis.

Ensuring the safety of heavy machinery keeps users safe and protects property managers from legal liabilities and penalties. Rental property managers who comply with safety regulations can protect themselves from lawsuits, fines, sanctions, or closures due to safety violations or accidents, making these services a worthwhile investment.

6. Improves Equipment Performance and Lowers Costs

Routine maintenance also improves equipment performance and lowers costs. Equipment performance can affect the quality and quantity of the output or outcome of the tenants' operations, directly affecting whether tenants are satisfied with the property.

Industrial maintenance services can help rental property managers lower their costs. Rental property managers with high-performing equipment can save money on energy consumption, material usage, labor expenses, and quality control.

7. Maintains Higher Property Value in the Market

Lastly, investing in routine maintenance of industrial assets helps property owners maintain high property values. Maintaining one's property value is essential for ensuring a high return on investment (ROI), paying mortgages and property taxes, meeting key performance indicators, and drawing in consistent, quality tenants.

Use Advanced Technology for Efficient Maintenance Management

If you are a rental property manager who wants to enjoy the benefits of industrial maintenance services, consider using TIDY's advanced technology to create a comprehensive maintenance program for your properties.

With TIDY, you can easily manage your maintenance tasks with a simple and intuitive interface. You can schedule, track, and complete maintenance requests without hassle or paperwork. TIDY also helps you avoid miscommunication and delays, ensuring your rental property is always in top condition.

Moreover, TIDY's industrial maintenance software lets you keep a detailed record of all your maintenance activities, such as repairs, inspections, and servicing. You can access this information anytime from one central place. This helps you with future reference, property assessments, or compliance requirements.

With TIDY's advanced technology, you can save time, money, and hassle on your industrial maintenance management. You can also improve tenant satisfaction, retention, and referrals while increasing property value and profitability. Sign up now and take your short-term rental maintenance to the next level.

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