New Cleaning Technologies and Innovations to Keep Rentals in Great Condition

May 15, 2023

An estimated 71% of Americans want to clean their abode to have a healthy home environment. Cleaning is a critical activity in the maintenance and upkeep of properties. A tidy rental property not only enhances its appeal to potential clients, but also maintains the value of real estate. However, cleaning is time consuming and can even become costly when using professional services. The good news is there are new and upcoming technologies that not only save time, but also improve efficiency. Here are important cleaning innovations that can be valuable for the real estate market.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Improving the quality of cleaning is an important part of the current cleaning processes. While it may imply that labor needed may be fewer, quality and speed are going to be addressed. One of the upcoming technologies that is used in the cleaning industry is augmented reality (AR). With the help of special glasses, cleaning staff will receive instructions which parts need to be tidied up and the types of tools that are effective in removing dirt. For example, moldy areas that are common in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens will be detected. In cases of water damage, part of the clean-up operation is to deep clean and sanitize the premises to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. AR can also detect the causes of leaks and floods in a home reducing floods and burst pipes.

Another important tech is the integration of robotic cleaning tools in the cleaning process. Already these gizmos are helping clinics and hospitals in decreasing contamination. To illustrate, the Tru- D Smart UVC Disinfection Robot is valuable in stopping the spread of hospital-acquired infections. It is operated remotely and uses natural UV rays to disinfect surfaces. For maintenance, robotic vacuum cleaners are practical in removing dust. There are already robots that have mopping functions so that dirt is removed. In the future, robot cleaners that can navigate stairs will be available. Currently, a prototype of the sTetro robot exists that can climb stairs, consequently improving its cleaning capabilities.

Drone Soft Washing

Exterior cleaning is more complicated especially if you want to maintain walls, roofs, and facades. You will need ladders, equipment, and people to do the job. It is also a dangerous operation that poses significant safety risks for those performing the tasks. Deploying drones to clean high and difficult to access areas can be an effective and low risk solution.

Drones can be deployed to spray washing solution on to the surfaces such as roofs that need cleaning to remove dirt and grime without damage. Keeping a roof in a great condition is critical not only to preserve the integrity of the structure, but also to prevent natural elements from destroying its surface. In addition, a clean roof enhances the overall curb appeal of real estate. Apart from roofs, the unmanned aircraft can also clean windows and walls. One of the main advantages of soft washing using drones is that it reduces the possibility of damage to the exterior of a rental unit. This is because pressure washing or blasting high pressure can damage sidings and façades.

Maintaining rental units is often a challenge. On the bright side, new cleaning technologies make it easy to keep a place neat and tidy improving the appeal of a property.

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