Integrate TIDY With Rent Manager To Automate Turnover Cleaning

September 26, 2023

As a manager of multiple rental properties, you know how important it is to maintain a clean property for every new guest or tenant. Yet, you also know it's a struggle to manage the cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep of all properties, especially if you own dozens to hundreds.

If you're tired of wasting valuable time playing phone tag with multiple cleaning service providers, it's time to integrate TIDY with your rent management software. TIDY helps rental owners easily find and hire cleaning teams around the world. We can also help rental hosts automate the entire turnover cleaning process.

Integrating TIDY with Rent Manager can help you streamline your property cleaning process. Here's a step-by-step guide to get started.

Benefits of Integrating TIDY With Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a leading software for rental property owners, providing a unified platform to manage all properties from one place. With this software, landlords can track rental information, accounting, utilities, and reports with ease.

When TIDY and Rent Manager work together, they create a comprehensive rental management solution. It's a game-changer for property managers. Here are some of the benefits you can reap.

See All Your Reservations in TIDY

One major benefit of integrating TIDY and Rent Manager is the simplified reservations management tools. Property managers can view all of their bookings on TIDY, and you can sync any other rental listings from Airbnb or your own website with your TIDY account. You can then use the TIDY platform to schedule the necessary cleaning and maintenance services in accordance with your booking calendar.

You'll have access to a unified calendar for all of your scheduled bookings, cleanings, and maintenance services. Plus, you can manage other aspects of guest bookings like cancellations, payments, confirmations, and reviews.

On the TIDY dashboard, you can communicate with guests or tenants before, during, and after their stays via live chat or automated messages (such as confirmation reminders). You can even accept payments through the TIDY platform, making it your go-to booking management solution. Combining TIDY and Rent Manager provides a hassle-free experience, so you can automate your rental management process and watch your business grow.

Save Time by Automatically Setting Up Cleaning Requests

Property owners must regularly hire professional cleaning companies for turnover cleaning, and this consistently busy schedule is stressful and time-consuming. Luckily, another benefit of adding TIDY's software to your Rent Manager account is the ability to completely automate this hiring process.

Property owners can link their preexisting databases and rental calendars with their cleaning service schedule. From your TIDY account, you can then hire cleaning and maintenance services for one-time or ongoing periods.

With TIDY's automatic cleaning option, you can sit back and watch as professional cleaners are automatically sent to your unit(s) after checkout. You simply set your preferences for cleaning, provide cleaning instructions, and select your preferred cleaning providers, and we take care of the rest. You'll receive live updates of the entire cleaning process and be able to communicate directly with the cleaners in your units.

TIDY also lets you schedule cleanings manually, so you can have direct control or schedule last-minute requests. You can also schedule next-day cleaning or maintenance services to cater to the short-notice changes that come with property management.

To schedule manual cleanings, navigate to the "Schedule" button on your TIDY account. Then, select the property, date, time, and cleaner of your choice and provide instructions or requests. As with the automated option, you can track the cleaning status and communicate with your cleaning team in real time.

TIDY connects property managers to the best cleaning services in their area. Our vetted professional cleaning partners can provide the following pre-scheduled or next-day services:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Lawn and garden care
  • Junk removal
  • Pest control
  • Pressure washing
  • Tree trimming
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Trash services

With the TIDY website or app, you can schedule, track, automate, and pay for your cleaning services in one place. You'll no longer have to call cleaning companies yourself and gamble with the chance of a last-minute cancellation. Even if you're in a different time zone than your residential or vacation rentals, you can rest assured that the cleaning process is being taken care of.

Bring All the Cleaners You Usually Work With

Already work with a number of local cleaners? With TIDY, you can bring your favorite members of the cleaning industry to our simplified platform. Simply have them create their own TIDY account and add them to your "Pros" list. This is your preferred list of professional cleaners that are given priority for each turnover. If your regular cleaners are unavailable on a crucial cleaning day, TIDY lets you manually or automatically choose another vetted property cleaning professional to get the job done.

TIDY also enables you to hire cleaners on short notice, offering next-day service for maintenance repairs, standard cleaning, lawn care, and more. This option is perfect for last-minute bookings, cancellations, or unexpected issues like pest control needs.

Track Jobs With Ease

Another benefit of using TIDY with Rent Manager is the ability to track each cleaning job. Our software allows you to track each step of the cleaning process and see who is cleaning, what is getting done, and when the cleaners are expected to finish. Our cleaners send live updates, letting you know if there are any issues, delays, or questions. You'll also receive notifications of when cleaners start and finish their jobs and get pictures of the final results.

You can communicate with your cleaners directly in the app or website dashboard and let them know of any last-minute changes or requests. With TIDY's easy and comprehensive tracking capabilities, you'll have true peace of mind knowing — and seeing — that your property is being thoroughly cleaned.

Easily Integrate Both Systems

You can bring all of your rental booking information from Rent Manager and other property management software over to TIDY in minutes. TIDY automatically adds all of your Rent Manager listings to the properties in your TIDY account. When new bookings or rental agreements are added to Rent Manager, they are automatically added to your TIDY calendar, dashboard, and Reservations section. Now, TIDY has all of your reservation and checkout details and can automatically schedule cleanings between each rental period.

You can continue using Rent Manager to manage your rental property portfolio. For example, you can keep communicating with tenants over the phone or via text in the Rent Manager app and then use TIDY to schedule cleaning, repairs, and maintenance as needed. You can also send guests automated reminders of scheduled maintenance and other interruptions in the unit or building.

Rent Manager and TIDY also provide advanced insights when paired together. Rent Manager's accounting software lets property managers manage all their finances in one place and generate auto-reports. By integrating TIDY, you can easily view your receipts for all rental cleaning services, too.

TIDY's AI-generated insights also give you suggestions for improving your property, such as layout and turnover cleaning tips. Overall, the two tools together help property owners optimize their rental businesses, maximize occupancy, and increase revenue.

How To Integrate TIDY With Your Rent Manager Account

Ready to reap the benefits of integrating TIDY with Rent Manager? Let's go over the steps for joining your two accounts.

Log Into Both Accounts

The first step is to log into your TIDY and Rent Manager accounts. If you do not have one or both accounts, you can create them in a few minutes. For TIDY, click "Get Started," enter your information, and select the right plan for you.

For Rent Manager, you'll need to request a free demo of the software by clicking "Free Demo" and entering your information. After trying the free demo, you'll receive an offer to purchase the software. Both TIDY and Rent Manager offer affordable monthly packages starting at $0 to $1 per unit per month, respectively.  

Copy the iCal Link From Rent Manager

To sync your Rent Manager booking calendar with TIDY, you'll need to integrate your iCalendar. Once you're logged into your Rent Manager account, navigate to your dashboard. In your menu, find and click on the "iCal" button. Navigate to "Share iCal link" and click copy. Then, head over to your TIDY home page.

On Your Tidy Home Page, Click on "Integrations" and Then "Add Integration"

On your TIDY dashboard, you should find the "Integrations" button. Click "Add Integration" and follow the next step.

Select "iCal" and Search for Rent Manager

Click the "iCal" button. Here, you will find a long list of compatible software to sync to your calendar. Navigate or search for Rent Manager, and select this option.

Paste Your iCal Link in the Indicated Field

When you select Rent Manager, you will see a field for "iCal." Paste your copied iCal link and click "Connect." Your Rent Manager and TIDY calendars will sync, allowing you to easily manage your cleaning schedule for all of your guest bookings.

Complete the Form With Your Property's Address

Next, you will find a form requesting information about your property. Fill out the rest of the information on the form and click "Submit." This information will be used to find cleaning services in your area and send them to your unit(s).

Select "Automatic Booking" and Configure It According to Your Needs

Lastly, navigate to your TIDY booking settings. Select "Automatic Booking" to allow TIDY to automatically pull your listings from Rent Manager. You can also turn off automatic booking if you would like to book each cleaning manually.

And that's it! You've now integrated Rent Manager with TIDY and can continue using both platforms to optimize your rental business.

How Automatic Booking Works

All the information for each rental in Rent Manager is automatically transferred to TIDY's software. If you've selected "Automatic Booking" in your preferences, TIDY will take care of the entire turnover process. Once a rental period is recognized as complete, whether by the end of a lease or a last-minute cancellation, TIDY will automatically send a professional turnover cleaning provider to your property.

The cleaning team will then arrive at your unit and prepare it according to your preset preferences listed in your account. This cleaning team will also automatically receive your preset turnover cleaning checklist and can make sure every cleaning step is checked off. Our turnover cleaning services include their own cleaning supplies, making the process truly hands-free.

You can request the same trusted cleaning partner each time or enjoy a last-minute service provider. As mentioned, you can communicate directly with your cleaners and receive live updates. Once the cleaners are finished, your guests can check in as usual and make themselves at home.

TIDY makes managing your guest bookings truly automatic. You can adjust your settings for each property as needed, ensuring your cleaning needs are met time after time. TIDY also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you never have to worry about dealing with unreliable cleaning companies again.

Automate Turnover Cleaning Today

Ensuring your rental properties are clean for each guest can get complicated when you have short turnover times, especially when managing multiple properties or a large real estate portfolio.

Integrating TIDY with your existing Rent Manager software makes your life as a business owner easier with unified booking management, simplified turnover cleaning, complete rental automation, and more. You can save time, money, and hassle by working with our satisfaction-guaranteed cleaning service providers.

Ready to automate your turnover cleaning? Learn more about how easy managing your rental cleaning can be and see how TIDY can optimize every aspect of your rental management experience. Sign up for TIDY today and discover how we can help you take your rental property business to the next level and generate an average of $3,000 in extra revenue per property each year.

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