The easy way to book and manage cleanings in ##LOCATION##

TIDY is a better way to get your ##LOCATION## home, rental, or office clean. We combine the absolute best cleaners in your area with our well-crafted technology, so you get better cleanings for less.

At TIDY, we know it can be stressful to find a high quality Cleaning or Maid Service in Huntington Beach. That is why we made it really easy, with technology! TIDY is unique, you can book a home cleaner in minutes. We have been helping clients in the Huntington Beach area since 2014.


The easy way to book & manage cleanings in

Huntington Beach

satisfaction guaranteed in ##LOCATION##

Satisfaction Guarantee

It's low risk to try. If your cleaning isn't right, we will help get someone new to fix it.

Trusted by Thousands

Over 100,000 happy customers and always improving. See reviews

The Best People

Top performing professional cleaners

Top Performers in ##LOCATION##

Our available certifications make it easy to book people who:
✓ Pass a thorough background check and verification
✓ Have great reviews & reliability
✓ Speak English and are a legal US resident
✓ Have green, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products
✓ Or any other requirement you have.

No two people are alike, so set up things the way you want.

Relax and let TIDY do the work

The Same Person Each Time

Many clients prefer the same cleaner each time. We make it easy to develop long term relationships. With "Schedule Assurance", you get the best cleaner for your specific needs, multiple cleaners, and/or extra redundancy. If ever you aren't 100% happy, easily request a new match.

Recent Reviews of Huntington Beach House Cleaning Services on TIDY

You control who you get, and Pros who pass a certification are typically rated highly. As of Monday Feb 01, 2021, over 10246 people within 30 minutes of Huntington Beach have had jobs done via TIDY and 94.66% of those cleanings or other home service jobs were reviewed positively or clients request the cleaner back. That includes these happy customers:

Thank you so much! I appreciate your hard work!!
Great cleaning, super efficient and thorough. Would love to have her back on a regular basis. Thank you!!
great my house so clean i love it !!!

True professionals rated in the top 5% use TIDY.

book an amazing cleaner
Happy house cleaning customer

“This was my first time using a Homekeeper and she was more than wonderful! She was very sweet and friendly and totally fit right in with my household. I was a little nervous about having someone I didn't know come and help me but with her I felt completely comfortable. I am trying to organize and simplify my home and it's been hard, with everything else on my plate, to stay on top of the cleaning. My cleaner came in and completely exceeded our expectations. She did such a good job I was pleasantly surprised, I felt, for the first time, that I am going to get above water and reach my goals. Thank you”

Amanda L.

Crafted Technology

We focus on cleaning. Unlike others, all our effort goes into making cleanings better. Residential clients, rental owners, small businesses, and realtors all use TIDY to help them manage their cleaning needs.

Digital to-do list for cleaning

Get the cleaning you want with digital To Dos

To Dos are unique to TIDY, and they allow you to show the cleaner visually exactly what you want and how you want it done.

  • Mark what's important

  • Show with photos

  • Edit anytime

Smart standby cleaners

Get reliable cleanings with smart standbys

TIDY can predict issues with your cleaning before they occur, like if someone won’t be able to make an appointment, and already have solutions lined up for you. Smart standbys reduce the possibility of an issue by over 50%, and what makes TIDY the most reliable way to get a cleaning.

Manage jobs anywhere

Easy management online

You can do everything 100% online. Book, reschedule, and even cancel. We believe strongly in transparency and that you should be in control. We never make you jump through hoops to get what you want.

Shawn was incredible!!! He was so kind and did a stunning job making our apartment look brand new. 100/10.
She hit the ground running! She moved very quickly through my home and did a really good job. not much guidance needed either.
book an amazing cleaner

Custom To You

We don’t dictate things, you get cleanings on your terms. What you want cleaned, who you want to clean, what to do if they are sick, and more. Hundreds of preferences that you can tweak to your liking (and the TIDY Concierge is here to help set you up too). Or just use what’s most popular and go on autopilot. It’s all in your hands.

A happy rental cleaning customer

“TIDY is the easiest system I have ever worked with. Adding photos to my cleanings made a huge difference in making sure cleaners set up my AirBnb the way I want for my guests. Just fantastic!”

Margaret Z.
Huntington Beach