TIDY helps care for thousands of offices.

TIDY is a better way to get your office cleaned and maintained. Automate jobs with an existing cleaner, find a cleaner, or use TIDY's technology to improve things.


TIDY helps clean the places

you love.

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It's low risk to try. If you aren't happy, we we will work to get it right.*

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Only Top Performers

Our available certifications make it easy to book people who:
✓ Pass a thorough background check and verification
✓ Have great reviews & reliability
✓ Speak English and are a legal US resident
✓ Have green, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products
✓ Or any other requirement you have.

Relax and let TIDY do the work

The Same Person Each Time

Many clients prefer the same cleaner each time. We make it easy to develop long term relationships. You specify what pro you want and the service you need. If ever you aren't 100% happy, easily get someone new.


Get a true professional rated in the top 5%.

book an amazing cleaner

“Our pro does a great job keeping the reception and common spaces clean after the day is over. We don't need cleanings every day, but the help a few times a week is perfect for our startup. We automated it all on TIDY."

Jorge P.

Crafted Technology

We focus on helping you care for your office. People use TIDY to make managing cleaning & maintenance easy with technology.

Digital to-do list for cleaning

Get it done right with digital To-Dos

To-Dos allow you to show the pro visually exactly what you want and how you want it done.

  • Mark what's important

  • Show with photos

  • Edit anytime

Smart standby cleaners

Get reliable cleanings with smart standbys

TIDY can help predict issues with your cleaning before they occur, like if someone won’t be able to make an appointment. This way, you can proactively have options lined up to improve the reliability of your jobs.

Manage jobs anywhere

Easy management online

You can work with your pros 100% online. Book, reschedule, and even cancel. We believe strongly in transparency and that you should be in control. We never make you jump through hoops to get what you want.

Custom To You

We don’t dictate things, you get cleanings on your terms. What you want done, who you want to do it, what to do if they are sick, and more. Hundreds of preferences that you can tweak to your liking (and the TIDY Concierge is here to help set you up too). It’s all in your hands.

“I use TIDY to manage the cleaning of the bathrooms at my small shop a few times a week. I set up everything the way I like it which means when the person comes they know just how I like things.”

Suzy L.