Guesty vs Lodgify: Pros, Cons and Uses in Rental Management

February 15, 2024

Navigating the complexities of rental property management demands more than just intuition; it requires the right set of tools. With so many options available, pinpointing the software that not only aligns with your operational needs but also integrates seamlessly with essential services like TIDY for maintenance and cleaning can feel like a daunting task. This guide is designed to dissect the offerings of Guesty and Lodgify, shedding light on how each platform can solve specific challenges faced by property managers today, thereby streamlining processes and enhancing guest experiences.

What Is Guesty and How Does It Work?

Guesty is an advanced property management platform that caters to Airbnb and vacation rental managers, offering a wide range of features to streamline operations. It automates various tasks including pricing, booking, messaging, and reporting, through a unified dashboard. This platform helps managers increase efficiency and optimize their rental income by managing listings across multiple channels. Guesty's comprehensive suite of tools includes 24/7 guest communication, staff management, and a customizable website builder, making it a versatile solution for property managers looking to enhance their rental business.

What Is Lodgify and How Does It Work?

Lodgify, established in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, aims to empower vacation rental owners and managers with cutting-edge technology. It's an all-in-one SaaS solution that simplifies the marketing and management of accommodations by allowing users to create mobile-friendly websites with direct booking capabilities. Lodgify eliminates the need to pay commission fees to listing sites by offering a comprehensive channel manager that synchronizes property information across multiple external rental portals. It's praised for its easy-to-use website builder, customizable designs, online booking engine, and 24/7 customer support, making it a strong candidate for maximizing rental revenue while minimizing manual workload.

Guesty vs Lodgify: A Comparison

Guesty and Lodgify stand out as leading vacation rental management solutions, each offering unique features designed to streamline operations, enhance guest experience, and boost revenue. Let's delve into their service approaches, flexibility, learning curves, and pricing models, to provide a detailed overview to help you decide which platform best suits your business needs.


Guesty offers a tiered pricing structure catering to different sizes of operations. The Lite plan is designed for small-scale managers with one to three listings, starting at $27 per month with annual billing, providing essential features like channel integration and direct bookings. The Pro plan, aimed at between four and 199 listings, requires contacting for pricing and comes with advanced functionalities like Guesty's Distribution Hub and Revenue Management. For large enterprises with 200+ listings, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing for a fully customized tech stack and premium support.

Lodgify presents a straightforward pricing model with its Starter plan at $13 per month plus a 1.9% booking fee, ideal for newcomers, including features like a customizable booking website and channel manager. The Professional plan at $38 per month, suitable for growing businesses, removes booking fees and adds advanced booking capabilities. Lastly, the Ultimate plan at $59 per month is best for scaling businesses, offering advanced property management features like owner payments and advanced analytics without booking fees.

Service Approach and Extent

Guesty offers a comprehensive property management solution with a focus on automation and multi-platform integration, designed to maximize efficiency for rental managers. It includes end-to-end management features from booking to payment processing and guest communication.

Lodgify emphasizes ease of use and direct bookings through its powerful website builder and booking engine. It provides tools for channel management and operational tasks, focusing on empowering property owners to increase their direct revenue without reliance on third-party platforms.

While Guesty is ideal for those seeking comprehensive management features and automation across multiple platforms, Lodgify is best suited for property managers prioritizing direct bookings and user-friendly website creation

Uses for Rental Management

Guesty is ideal for property managers looking for an all-in-one solution to manage multiple listings across different platforms, automate communications, and streamline operations to save time and enhance guest experiences.

Lodgify suits those focusing on building a strong direct booking channel, with easy-to-use tools for creating professional websites, managing reservations, and simplifying guest interactions, making it perfect for growing direct business.

Guesty is ideal for those prioritizing efficiency and centralized control. In contrast, Lodgify suits individuals aiming to increase direct revenue and control guest interactions more personally.

Flexibility and Learning Curve

Guesty offers a range of advanced features that cater to seasoned rental managers. The extensive functionalities come with a steeper learning curve but promise greater operational efficiency once mastered.

Lodgify is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of setup, making it accessible for users regardless of their technical expertise. Its straightforward approach allows you to quickly adapt and take full advantage of its features for immediate impact on your business.

Guesty is ideal for experienced rental managers who seek a robust, feature-rich platform and are willing to navigate a steeper learning curve for greater operational efficiency. Its advanced capabilities are best suited for those managing multiple listings and looking for comprehensive automation. Lodgify, with its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup, is perfect for users at any technical skill level, including those new to property management software. It appeals to managers and owners who prioritize ease of use and quick adaptation to enhance their direct booking business.

How TIDY Integrates With Bost Guesty and Lodgify

TIDY seamlessly integrates with both Guesty and Lodgify, enabling property managers to effortlessly synchronize their cleaning and maintenance tasks with their rental management processes. This integration ensures that bookings from Guesty and Lodgify automatically update the TIDY schedule, allowing for efficient allocation of cleaning services post-check-out and preparation for upcoming guests. With TIDY's technology-driven approach, property managers can maintain high standards of cleanliness, enhance guest satisfaction, and optimize operations, making it an essential tool for those using Guesty or Lodgify to manage their rental properties. Discover the full potential of this seamless integration by creating your account at Get Started with TIDY.

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