Why You Should Use an Airbnb Cleaning Software

Paula Fiuza
May 30, 2022

Property managers have been relying more and more on technology to run their businesses, as they should. The industry has a wide range of software offerings for any needs: channel management, marketing, accounting, operations, and, of course, cleaning.

Yet many still don’t know this. Many are still scrambling to manage multiple cleaners for their property portfolio, dealing with different check-in and check-out dates. So here’s why you should use cleaning software for your Airbnb.

Why do you need cleaning software for your rental property?

There are so many challenges with cleaning and maintaining vacation rentals, such as:

  1. Maintaining the standard of cleaning throughout all properties
  2. Ensuring the property is always fully stocked with essential supplies
  3. Coordinating professional cleaners and their schedules
  4. Ensuring that turnovers are done efficiently and quickly
  5. Managing access to the properties

There are so many beautiful properties with bad reviews out there because of cleaning. Guests want the space to be spotless and their home away from home. It’s expected that property managers will ensure all basic needs are met, rentals are fully stocked with essential supplies, and if they go one step further in hospitality and amenities, they’ll secure a 5-star rating.

It’s important to remember that there’s much more to an Airbnb cleaning than actual cleaning. Because hosts are welcoming guests and there’s a series of requirements they must meet, caring for an Airbnb property also includes security, safety, and maintenance.

That’s precisely why using a cleaning software for your Airbnb is a solution: it allows you to automate many of these tasks, enhance the cleaning process and save you time that can be used in other areas to grow your business.

Benefits of using a cleaning software for your Airbnb

It saves you time and prevents significant issues, empowering your service pros to do more. But there are other benefits of using a cleaning software, such as:

  • Have digital to-do lists for each rental property
  • Manage your service pros
  • Determine an order among pros for accepting jobs
  • Track the cleaning jobs on the software
  • Have a shared inbox per property/job that all your team members can access
  • Sync the cleaning software with your channel manager and automatically book cleaning jobs according to guests’ check-in and check-out
  • Pay service pros
  • Schedule maintenance reminders such as changing the AC filter, checking the pool heater, etc.
  • Avoid severe damage to property by using the maintenance reminders
  • Find and hire new service pros

TIDY does that and much more: it creates a digital twin of your property, maps out all your needs and specific requirements, and even finds you new pros whenever you’re in a bind. If you want to know more, talk to us!

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