Free CRM that lets you track your clients & prospects.

Using a Client Manager (CRM) lets you track everyone interested in your business so you know who to follow up with. Knowing your clients makes it easy to earn more.

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How TIDY makes managing clients & prospects easy.


Add Clients & Prospects
Add contact information for everyone in your network.

Understand All Your Customers
Understand who booked before, who didn't, and who hasn't in a while.


Follow Up Smarter
With all your client information in 1 place, you can follow up with them intelligently to get more business. For example, send clients who didn't book you in a year a reminder.

View all Your Data in 1 Spot
With all your data central, its easy to run reports for accounting, or other needs.


"So last week I decided to just check who hadn't booked in a while. I honestly hadn't really ever followed up before. 2 of my previous clients booked me, soooo worth it."

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