Send Jobs & Payments to Your Team for Free

TIDY doesn't charge per user, so you can use us with any kind of team. Many home service pros use friends, contractors, partners, or employees to do jobs. Regardless of their relationship, it's easy to send them jobs, track them, and pay them for their help.

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How TIDY makes working in teams easy


Add any Kind of Teammate
We help both with employees and more informal networks, like someone that occasionally does jobs for you, when you can't make it.

Send Jobs to Your Team
Check their schedule and send them jobs to accept. Clients can see the assigned team member on the job.


Track the Job & Payment
You still control the invoicing and payments. This lets you make sure your client payments, your payments, and your team member's payments are all correct.

"I noticed it often takes 3-5 follow ups for everything to get it done. Most of it is the same old "just following up" messages, so I automated it."

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