How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out | Tips and Tricks

May 31, 2023

Do you manage one or more rentals and are wondering how to make yours stand out in the vacation rental market? With the rise of platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, there are an increasing number of vacation rentals popping up in destination towns, and you must go the extra mile to run a successful vacation rental. In order for potential guests to book their listing over others, property managers must offer unique and personalized accommodations and an unforgettable experience.  

7 Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Luckily, you don't have to figure out what will make your vacation rental stand out from the competition on your own. From distinct amenities to photos that shine, let's talk about seven short-term rental tips you can implement so that your rental property will rise above the rest.

In addition to the following tips, managing and maintaining your vacation rental actively is essential. Promptly respond to guest inquiries and provide excellent customer service throughout their stay. Regularly update your listing with accurate availability and pricing information. Pay attention to guest reviews and feedback, addressing any issues or concerns raised.

1. Use Detailed Descriptions On Property Listing

When potential guests browse rental sites looking for a place to call home for their vacation, they rely heavily on the property descriptions to decide. Potential guests like to imagine themselves in the space, navigating the living areas and the bedrooms and any outside areas. So, when crafting your property description, provide a detailed and accurate portrayal of your vacation rental, highlighting its distinctive features, amenities, and location.

Imagine that you are booking a vacation in your area. Does your description sound clean, warm, safe and inviting? Be sure to mention any unique characteristics that set your property apart, such as stunning views, walkable nearby attractions, or convenient transportation options. The more information you supply, the more confident and excited potential guests will be about choosing your rental over others.

2. Keep The Property Clean

Part of the joy of a vacation is enjoying a space that is fresh and luxurious. Guests expect a spotless and well-maintained property when they arrive. Ensure your rental is thoroughly cleaned before each turnover, including all surfaces, floors, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. Pay attention to details like fresh linens, neatly arranged furniture, restocked amenities and a clutter-free environment.

If you have a cleaning service that tends to the rental unit between guests, be sure to keep track of cleaning tasks that may slip through the cracks, such as seasonal tasks. A clean and well-presented rental will leave a lasting impression on guests, encourage them to leave positive reviews and recommend your property to others.

3. Offer Unique Amenities

Consider what sets your property apart and what would make your guests' stay more enjoyable. Unique amenities beyond the basics make your vacation rental stand out, and some potential guests even search for properties based on specific amenities. For example, guests might search for rentals with a hot tub on site on Airbnb.

Other than a hot tub, large amenities could include features like a private pool, a game room or even specialized equipment for outdoor activities such as bikes or boating supplies.

Amenities also do not have to be extravagant to make an impact. Every-day amenities like a stocked coffee and tea section, a full bookshelf or quality bath products are appreciated. Small touches can make your rental more appealing and memorable, increasing the chances of repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. Get Professional Photos Of The Property

If you have the budget for an outside service to take your listing to the next level, getting high-quality professional photos taken is generally seen as a solid investment in the rental industry. A professional photographer knows how to capture the right angles, lighting, and composition to make your listing look its best. Remember to ask for photographs of interior and exterior spaces, highlighting key selling points and your favorite amenities.

5. Personalize The Guest Experience

Consider adding personal touches that make guests feel welcome and valued. This could include a welcome basket with local snacks, a warm introduction to vacation rental rules, a list of recommended local attractions and restaurants or a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their stay. Going the extra mile to make guests feel special will set you apart from other vacation rentals.

6. Provide Extra Services

It's becoming increasingly common for packages or add-ons to be offered along with vacation rentals. The availability of additional services, even if guests don't always take you up on them, can make your vacation rental more attractive. Depending on your property's location and target audience, consider providing services such as airport transfers, grocery delivery, or arranging tours and activities.

By offering these extra services, you simplify the travel experience for your guests and make their stay more convenient and enjoyable. It's a great way to differentiate your rental.

7. Leverage Outdoor Spaces

If your vacation rental has outdoor spaces, make the most of them. Outdoor spaces provide an opportunity to extend the living space of your vacation rental and create memorable moments for your guests. Create inviting and well-maintained outdoor areas where guests can relax, dine, or enjoy the surroundings. Whether it's a spacious garden, a balcony with a view, or a rooftop terrace, leverage these outdoor areas to make your rental stand out.

Enhance the outdoor ambiance with tasteful lighting, comfortable seating, potted plants, a barbeque grill or a fire pit. Consider adding outdoor amenities such as a hammock, a swing or a small play area for families with children. These additions can make your rental more family-friendly and appealing to a broader range of guests.

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