Simplifiy the Property Management Process by Integrating TIDY With Hostaway

November 20, 2023

The U.S. vacation rental property market is booming. According to data gathered by Vantage Market Research, revenue from vacation rentals in 2022 reached over $76 billion, and projections suggest this number will exceed $112 billion by 2030. While this data suggests continued growth for the short-term property rental market, it also presents numerous challenges to property management companies that may lack the tools and resources to accommodate surging demand.

Whether you maintain just a handful of properties or are responsible for hundreds of vacation and home rentals across multiple states, keeping track of reservations, guest inquiries, and regular maintenance can quickly become daunting. To make matters easier, it’s critical to have access to the right property management tools that can help keep things organized.

Keep reading to learn more about how integrating TIDY with property management tools like Hostaway can streamline the property management process, expedite property turnover, and improve the overall guest experience.

What Is Hostaway and How Does it Work?

Home rental companies and rental property managers face a common obstacle: how to simplify turnovers, cleaning services, guest communication, or other processes at scale. After all, personally handling all of this yourself isn’t always feasible, especially if you have dozens of active rentals at any given time. This is where robust property management software comes to the rescue.

Created in 2015, Hostaway is an all-in-one property management platform that puts every aspect of your rentals into perspective. The software features an intuitive reservation manager accessible from any mobile device, giving you a centralized place to confirm bookings, offer discounted promotions, communicate with guests, and create in-depth analytic reports of how your properties perform over time.

Hostaway also features several time-saving automation tools, such as automatic payment processing and setting up automatic response triggers to positive reviews or reservation requests.

In addition, Hostaway offers numerous tools to assist with marketing your properties across various distribution channels, including customizable coupon management, website enhancement widgets, and more. Best of all, Hostaway easily integrates with specialized property management tools like TIDY to accurately schedule cleaning services with minimal gaps between turnovers.

Benefits of Using TIDY in Conjunction With Hostaway

While Hostaway tracks bookings, automates invoices, and generates comprehensive performance reports, TIDY ensures all maintenance or cleaning requests are accurately scheduled in sync with turnovers. For property managers, the dual support of Hostaway with TIDY ensures properties are ready for new reservations faster, leading to fewer vacancies, higher profits, and happy guests.

Here are the major advantages of combining TIDY with Hostaway and how it can improve property management processes.

See All Your Reservations in TIDY

TIDY gives you a complete breakdown of all your reservations in one place. This makes it easy to determine at a glance the remaining duration of stays, the locations of the properties, and any issues logged by staff or guests.

Check the status of all your active properties to follow the progress of maintenance requests and which cleaning companies are assigned to each rental. Any time a guest books a new reservation, it will immediately be reflected on TIDY, and with its automatic pro booking feature, you won’t have to worry about constantly scheduling cleaning or maintenance manually.

Automatically Set Up Cleaning Requests

Micromanaging cleaning services for every property can consume valuable time and resources. Using TIDY and Hostaway together makes it easy to automate turnover cleaning so you can focus on other matters.

TIDY utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can predict when specific cleaning duties or maintenance tasks are coming due, such as changing air filters or conducting annual inspections. To improve accountability, TIDY’s cleaning software allows you to require cleaning companies to upload pictures of the work done so a TIDY concierge agent can verify that the duties performed correspond to your cleaning itinerary.

You can also set up TIDY to only seek out cleaning companies that meet certain criteria. For instance, you can restrict your search parameters to only find cleaners or maintenance techs who meet specific compliance standards, such as possessing liability insurance or certain licenses and certifications.

If, for any reason, a maintenance tech or cleaning professional cancels, TIDY will send you a notification, and a dedicated concierge agent will find an immediate replacement in the area. By giving you a bird's-eye view of all your rentals, you can achieve a perfect turnover every time with fewer delays between reservations.

Enhance Guest Experiences

Thanks to Hostaway’s helpful unified inbox, property managers can centralize all guest communications in a single place, whether it’s via email, SMS, or through what’s WhatsApp Messenger. Meanwhile, Hostaway’s robust and secure guest portal makes it easy for visitors to quickly check in, access their door code, or contact you regarding questions or concerns. In addition, property owners can utilize Hostaway’s owner’s portal to quickly get an overview of check-ins, reservations, and cancellations at a glance.

By integrating Hostaway with TIDY, property managers can further improve guest satisfaction by ensuring cleaning or property maintenance is conducted in a consistent and timely manner that coincides with turnover schedules. TIDY can also send notifications regarding essential inventory items at all your properties, such as toilet paper, soap, or bath towels, so guests can feel right at home when they arrive.

With fewer maintenance or cleaning surprises, guest complaints will decrease, contributing to a higher volume of positive reviews and more repeat business.

Seamless Reservation Management and Integration

Integrating Hostaway with TIDY makes for a comprehensive reservation management system that drastically improves how vacation rental management companies and home rental companies process guests. With Hostaway, you’ll have a complete rundown of all current and upcoming bookings, all updated in real time to reflect arrival delays, cancellations, or extended stays. Hostaway also features several helpful dynamic pricing tools to help ensure all your properties are accurately priced according to location, seasonal demand, and historical occupancy rates.

Meanwhile, TIDY syncs perfectly with Hostaway’s reservation manager so you can ensure every property is guest-ready on time, helping to trim down vacancy rates between bookings. Since every rental property is different, TIDY also allows you to create custom to-do lists for your cleaning teams so no detail is overlooked, whether it’s cleaning the pool, putting out patio furniture in the summer, or making sure there are logs in the fireplace during the winter months.

Best of all, TIDY can automatically create work orders for maintenance and cleaning based on your preferred companies. And if the cleaner, plumber, or HVAC technician you typically use is unavailable, our 24/7 concierge will quickly find a reputable replacement near your property.

How To Integrate TIDY With Your Hostaway Account

TIDY and Hostaway are both powerful standalone tools for rental property managers, but to unlock their full benefits, you’ll want to sync them together in Hostaway. Luckily, this relatively straightforward process should only take a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to integrate TIDY with Hostaway from an office computer or mobile device.

Log Into Both Accounts

The first step is to sign into both your Hostaway and TIDY accounts. In Hostaway, navigate to the settings menu and click on Hostaway API. Next, click on the Create button to generate a secure API key. Write down or copy this key along with your Hostaway account ID and open TIDY.

Connect TIDY and Hostaway

From here, navigate to the Integrations tab on the left side of the TIDY main screen. You’ll want to select the Direct integration option and enter your Hostaway account ID and API key into the fields provided. Any reservations from Hostaway will now appear in the reservations tab in TIDY so you can schedule cleanings or maintenance with accuracy and ease. At the same time, any updates to reservations or work orders will also be shared with Hostaway.

Configure Your Integration Settings

Once you’ve integrated Hostaway and TIDY, you can activate automatic bookings or schedule cleanings manually. In addition to supporting integration with Hostaway, TIDY can also integrate with many other apps and tools property managers use regularly, including Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Slack, and QuickBooks online. Thanks to all the integrations TIDY supports, you can ensure your property management processes and workflows are always synced together, saving you from constantly needing to supervise every aspect of operations.

How Automatic Booking Works

Now that Hostaway guest reservations and TIDY are synced, you can set up when to have maintenance technicians or cleaners arrive at a property. To do this, select the “Start No Later Than” and “End No Later Than” fields to define when a cleaning or repair can be done and when it should finish. Many people choose to schedule jobs to “Start No Later Than” the checkout time of the guest. For the “End No Later Than” field, you may want to select the next guest’s expected check-in time.

Once you’ve set this up, TIDY’s automatic booking feature will begin to schedule cleaning or maintenance pros starting 30 days before an expected property turnover. This way, there are no scheduling conflicts with local companies. TIDY’s automated booking system will seek to schedule cleaning crews or maintenance workers to arrive at the earliest available time after a guest checks out.

TIDY also offers a new BETA feature that lets you see the maximum number of days after checkout for pros to accept a job. Take advantage of TIDY’s “My Pros” feature, which allows you to select your preferred cleaning and maintenance professionals. If your favorite pros are unavailable, TIDY will automatically find the next best replacement in the area who can make it.

When a guest cancels their reservation through Hostaway, this will immediately be reflected in your TIDY account. However, TIDY does not currently automatically cancel jobs that were requested or accepted between guests. To set this up, you will need to contact TIDY’s concierge desk to define which ‘triggers’ should result in a cleaning or maintenance job cancellation.

You can request to cancel scheduled jobs under certain circumstances, such as if a guest cancels a reservation within a certain number of days before their arrival. You can also ask that only certain types of jobs be canceled, such as cleaning, while other priority tasks like A/C filter replacement or oven repair always remain active, even if guests cancel at the last minute.

When you have two guest reservations scheduled several days apart, you’ll likely have a cleaner scheduled during the expected vacancy, but sometimes, a new guest may make a reservation during that timeframe that conflicts with your prescheduled cleaning or maintenance jobs. TIDY will automatically send job requests to accommodate the new guest when this happens.

However, to cancel the cleaner who was going to come out during the forecasted vacancy, you will need to contact the concierge desk for assistance because TIDY will not automatically cancel jobs on its own. TIDY will add additional customization options going forward to help make cancellations easier.

Elevate Property Management With TIDY and Hostaway Integration

Managing renters' cleaning, maintenance, reservations, and payments at multiple properties doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. If you devote precious time and resources to micromanaging every aspect of your properties daily, it may be time to make a change.

By leveraging the benefits of integrating TIDY with Hostaway, you can take your property management business to a whole new level. While Hostaway automates reservations, invoices, and guest relations, TIDY will streamline property turnover services so that all your rental processes operate seamlessly.

With the unprecedented control and consistency Hostaway direct integration provides, you’ll gain access to all the tools you need to meet your business goals. To explore the many benefits of integrating TIDY with Hostaway and other tools, visit us online to schedule a free demo today.

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