TIDY Partner Programs

TIDY has the most advanced technology in the home cleaning & maintenance space. We have several partnership options for insurance brokers, software applications, brands, content creators and others.

Who is this for?

We partner with these main types of partners:

Benefit Broker

Benefits Brokers

Earn more by offering your clients cleaning as a tax-free benefit. Stand out from the rest by offering more than health care.

Software Applications

TIDY can work seamlessly within your software application to help improve your user's experience and increase your revenue.

Content Creators

Have fans or a website readers love? Share TIDY with them to earn money and help your audience keep properties clean & maintained.

System Integrators

If you help customers integrate software applications or automate workflows, we can help you automate cleaning & maintenance.

What kind of partnerships does TIDY have?

TIDY has two main types of partnerships, but feel free to reach out with other ideas on how we might work together.

Referral Partners

If you want to refer TIDY and get a commission, our referral partner program is the right thing for you. We have several ways that you can earn, including deal registration or referral codes. Share with your audience in a natural way, then get a commission for those that sign up with TIDY.

Integration Partners

If you have a software application that might be a good fit for integration, please reach out! We work with many software applications in a variety of ways including: sending data to your application, getting data from your application, and embedding elements to automate cleaning & maintenance.

Become a TIDY Partner

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