The Free ZenMaid Alternative That Gets You Clients

TIDY offers the core features of ZenMaid 100% free AND we can get you new clients.

TIDY is Free

Most pros use TIDY completely free. No credit card required.

Automate Admin Work

Easily manage your schedule, proposals, reminders, invoices, & payments in 1 spot.

Get New Clients

We help thousands of clients manage their properties, they need help from people like you.



and TIDY are both great platforms for home service professionals, but which one is right for you? In this video, we’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide. We won't judge, if TIDY isn't right for you, then we want to help you figure that out quickly.

While every product has pros and cons, we think you will find that TIDY offers a TON of features that no competitor offers. The best part? Most users use TIDY absolutely free.


Features: Comparing TIDY vs




How much does it cost just to use the software?

$0 Free


Get New Clients

TIDY can get you clients right on your schedule, no marketing required.

No, you must do all the work

Booking Protection

Help finding replacement clients if you have a cancelation.



"Customer Relationship Manager" - Meaning a way to manage all clients.


Invoices and Payment Processing

Send invoices to customers and get paid instantly in many ways.


Complete Service Customization

Customize the exact service you offer.


Online Booking & Website

Create a beautiful website that lets your customers book online.



Delegate jobs, organize schedules, and more.


"I actually had used ZenMaid but I started getting clients from TIDY. Then, when I saw they offered most of the same features for free, I decided to switch over and save some $$$ :)"

Quote from Carol F

Maria P, Maria's Maids


Is it really free to use TIDY?

Yes, really it is.

Does ZenMaid have a free plan?

They do but it is limited in features. TIDY offers all features in its free plan. Their "average" plan is about $139/month (if you have 10 employees)

What is the number 1 feature that ZenMaid has that TIDY does not?

While this will depend on who you talk with. ZenMaid lets you work with an existing credit card provider. TIDY does not work if you really need to keep your same provider. TIDY does offer credit card processing, with the first $100 in processing free per month though! But you can't connect a Stripe or Braintree account to TIDY (for example).

What is the number 1 feature that TIDY offers that ZenMaid does not?

We can bring you clients, at no additional fee, straight on your schedule. Basically, it's "free clients", because we have many clients who pay us to help automate their cleaning and maintenance, and sometimes they need help!

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