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Our mission is to give everyone back one hour of their day.

The average American spends 1 hour a day cleaning the home.  This is time away from family, friends, and doing things that you love.  We at TIDY are trying to build a future where people don't do chores.  We do this by rethinking the cleaning industry from the ground up with technology.  Since launch, we have been helping clients and homekeepers improve communication and deliver higher quality service in minutes.  We make substantial investments in technology to improve home cleaning.  Our mission is one that will take a long time, many decades, but we have made substantial progress to a world without chores. Our strive for this goal is reason we are the best home cleaning service today. 

TIDY was born in 2013 when our founders long-time homekeeper said that she was having a hard time finding new clients. They began to think of ideas on how to help improve her quality of life, make communicating with her easier, and help her find more business.  TIDY was born.  Since those days, TIDY has grown to serve multiple metro areas and we are proud to help so many clients and Homekeepers daily.  TIDY supports both communities, and takes pride in thinking from the ground up how to solve problems for both clients and Homekeepers to create a better home cleaning experience.

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We are "Tidying up" the cleaning industry.

While other companies focus on booking as many clients as possible, at TIDY we measure success by the happiness of our clients and our Homekeepers. We build our own software that is custom tailored to improving efficiency and making cleanings more delightful.  This also enables Homekeepers to make among the best pay in the industry, while keeping costs for clients down.

TIDY Homekeepers help make this possible.

TIDY Homekeepers are independent contractors who are passionate about making the lives of clients better.

TIDY Home Cleaners

We are dedicated to charity with our 1% pledge.

TIDY donates 1% of all cleanings absolutely free to the community.  We believe that the work we do really matters, and all employees participate in helping to make this a reality.

TIDY home cleaning donations over time.  We are proud that they are growing significantly year over year.

TIDY home cleaning donations over time.  We are proud that they are growing significantly year over year.