About Tidy

TIDY proudly helps Clients and Homekeepers enjoy a better home cleaning experience. For clients, our app lets you easily book a top rated cleaner near you and helps you communicate exactly what you want to your Homekeeper. For Homekeepers, our app represents a flexible new way to build your business, earn money, and work with your clients.

TIDY is Mission Driven

We believe there is a looming jobs crisis.

The development of advanced technology will deliver unprecedented gains in prosperity to everyone. However, we believe there is going to be a crisis for millions of families, because too many jobs will be displaced too quickly.

An example of this is self driving cars.  Self driving cars will dramatically reduce deaths, improve people’s productivity, & reduce aggregate spending on transportation.  This will benefit all groups of people except for one group: drivers.  The top job in most US states is truck drivers, with 3.5 million jobs in total.  In 10 to 20 years, none of these jobs will exist.

Another example is retail sales. There are 5 million retail sales jobs, many of which will be displaced by the growth of e-commerce.

Our society isn’t built to handle this.  We need new good jobs, and we need them fast.

TIDY will create 100,000 good jobs by 2025

We will do so by elevating many home cleaners into the role of a modern Homekeeper, and help new people enter the field.  

Modern Homekeepers are entrepreneurs, who help many families with important and frustrating tasks in the home.  Homekeepers do much more than clean.  TIDY empowers Homekeepers to better understand client needs and to deliver better service.  With the help of technology, Homekeepers can help more people than ever.

By empowering Homekeepers, we will help create good jobs that have meaning, pay well, and will last.

Jobs that have meaning

Every family needs a little help.  Homekeepers help families with important tasks around the home.  This makes people happier, more comfortable, and more productive.  Most importantly: Homekeepers help people spend more time with their families.  We believe this is a noble pursuit, and greatly respect the work that Homekeepers do.

We work hard to help Homekeepers feel respected and a sense of pride in their work.  That’s why we use the term Homekeeper, and not cleaner.  Homekeepers do far more than clean.  Homekeepers help make a house into a home.

Jobs that pay well

Because Homekeepers are empowered to do more than just clean and deliver more value in less time, they make more money.  TIDY helps in 5 specific ways:

  • We help Homekeepers earn more instead of management.

  • We help Homekeepers spend less on cleaning supplies.

  • We help Homekeepers deliver more value in less time.

  • We help minimize downtime & drive time.

  • We enable more flexible work for Homekeepers.


We help more money go to Homekeepers, less to management.

Traditionally, managers and middlemen took a significant share of cleaning income.  TIDY does not have manager costs or franchise fees, allowing Homekeepers to make more.

As entrepreneurs, Homekeepers traditionally had to do a lot of unpaid work like scheduling, payments, logistics, & coordination.   We have automated away these tasks.  This allows Homekeepers to focus on their clients and spend more time earning.


We help more money go to Homekeepers, less to cleaning supplies.

TIDY’s hardware team reduced the average per-cleaning cost of supplies from $12 at retail to <$4.   This option alone saves Homekeepers hundreds of dollars a month that used to go to Consumer Packaged Goods companies.

We help Homekeepers deliver more value in less time.

We believe the 80/20 rule applies to home cleaning.  20% of the tasks in a cleaning provide 80% of the value.  TIDY To Dos allows Clients and Homekeepers to prioritize important tasks and skip unimportant ones.  This allows clients to have short cleanings with high value.   By doing only valuable things and doing them faster, Homekeepers can make more per hour.

We help minimize downtime & drive time.

TIDY’s custom scheduling software helps Homekeepers maximize their utilization rates.  Clients are scheduled close together with the shortest possible drive time.  Our software helps Homekeepers serve an average of 46% more clients per week, and spend more time earning.

We enable more flexible work for Homekeepers.
All TIDY Homekeepers set their own hours.   With this flexibility, TIDY has given opportunities to many who might not otherwise have been able to enter the workforce .

Jobs that last

We want to build jobs that get better with technology and will last for a long time to come.

We believe families will always want humans to help them do important tasks in the home.  Today, much of the help involves cleaning.  Over time, Homekeepers will do more valuable tasks.  For example, today a Homekeeper might clean the floor.  In the future, a Homekeeper may manage a fleet of robot vacuums while simultaneously helping the client.

There are historical parallels for this.  For example, a photographer's job used to be getting cameras to simply work.  Today there are more photographers than ever, despite the fact that everyone has a camera on their phone.  Why?  Because photographers turned into artists and help people create the perfect photo.

Homekeepers will follow this trend, becoming artists and experts who help people craft a better home.

This is Just the Beginning

Our mission to create 100,000 good jobs is still in the early stages.  We have a real opportunity and a pragmatic approach to make a difference.  Thank you for your support.


TIDY Homekeepers are independent contractors who are passionate about making the lives of clients better.

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