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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


Beds24 is a cloud-based software designed to help vacation rental owners and property managers increase online bookings, manage inventory and guest communications, and process payments.
The platform includes a channel manager that allows users to keep their inventory up to date on multiple distribution channels and manage bookings from multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) in one system. It also includes a property management system (PMS) that provides tools for managing bookings, rates, inventory, and guests, and can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
The platform also includes automation features that simplify workflows and help optimize revenue by adjusting prices based on availability. Additionally, it includes an online booking system that allows guests to book directly through the owner or manager's website, as well as a communication system that automates guest correspondence and provides a central inbox and messaging platform for Airbnb and

Finally, the platform includes payment processing features that enable users to securely and automatically collect payments from guests and send payment requests.

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