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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight is a website that allows vacation rental owners to list their properties for rental to travelers. Property owners can list a variety of types of properties, including apartments, villas, and everything in between, on the platform for free. provides step-by-step guidance to help property owners learn how to use the platform and best practices for managing their rentals. The platform also offers exclusive discounts on products and services that can help improve the guest experience and save time for property owners.

Property owners can import details and calendars from other rental websites, such as Airbnb and HomeAway, to save time and prevent double-bookings. also offers the ability to connect to a channel manager, which allows property owners to manage their rentals across multiple websites from a single platform. has a partner app, called Pulse, that allows property owners to manage their rentals on the go. The app allows property owners to manage reservations, check their calendar, respond to guest messages, and more from their mobile device.

The platform also has a quality rating system that helps guests find properties that meet their expectations. The quality rating is an objective system that helps guests identify properties that are likely to meet their expectations. also has a Group Opportunity Center that provides performance tips for property owners. The Group Opportunity Center offers relevant, actionable performance tips for property owners' whole portfolio, which can help them save time and spot opportunities that apply to all or some of their properties.

Finally, provides a secure and easy way for property owners to collect payments for their bookings. The platform offers a reliable and convenient payment system that helps property owners reach more guests, reduce cancellations, and save time on administrative tasks.

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