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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


Breezeway is a tool for vacation rental owners that helps automate and streamline various tasks related to managing their properties. Some of the key features of Breezeway include:

  1. Automated task scheduling: Breezeway uses rules-based intelligence and data on staff availability, location, and historical task times to help vacation rental owners schedule and assign tasks to field staff in an efficient and effective manner.
  2. Customizable property care: Breezeway provides customizable checklists and mobile apps to help field staff perform detailed work at each property that complies with the vacation rental owner's brand standards.
  3. Coordination of work: Breezeway offers tools that allow vacation rental owners to monitor progress in real-time, adjust assignments for last-minute changes, and triage issues as they arise, helping to ensure that properties are clean, well-maintained, and ready for guests.
  4. Improved guest communication: Breezeway offers messaging tools that help vacation rental owners effectively communicate with guests and deliver a better experience.
  5. Early check-in and extended stays: Breezeway's tools allow vacation rental owners to monitor occupancy and property readiness, enabling them to automatically offer early check-in, late check-out, and stay extensions to guests.
  6. Detailed owner reporting: Breezeway's owner reporting programs allow vacation rental owners to easily capture and share every touch-point with a property, helping them communicate the full scope of their property management services and build trust with homeowners.
  7. Asset management: Breezeway's tools surface granular property details and maintenance history, helping vacation rental owners proactively manage assets and improve the overall quality, safety, and cleanliness of their properties.
  8. Inventory management: Breezeway's inventory management tools use data from properties and tasks to help vacation rental owners manage their inventory and maintain high-quality properties.
  9. Property access and security: Breezeway's smart tech dynamically generates, shares, and terminates lock access codes based on the progress of each task, helping vacation rental owners reduce confusion and increase the security of their properties.

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