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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


Duve is a company that provides solutions for guest management for property managers. They offer various features to help improve the guest experience and streamline the process of managing guests for property managers. Some of its key features include:

  • Online check-in: Guests can complete check-in online by providing their details, paying for their stay, and accepting terms and conditions. This process can be fully automated and customized with options such as document scans, deposit collection, and opt-in marketing.
  • Guest app: Guests can access a personalized app that provides information about their reservation, a guidebook with videos and images, and interactive maps. The app also includes a chat feature with real-time translations and canned responses, and allows guests to invite additional people to join the app.
  • Pre-scheduled messages: Property managers can send personalized messages to guests at specific times using customized segments and triggers.
  • Upsells: Property managers can offer guests the opportunity to book and pay for additional services, such as early check-in or transportation, before or during their stay. Duve also offers an e-commerce platform for in-house services and allows property managers to connect with third-party suppliers.
  • Communication hub: Duve's communication hub allows property managers to unify and manage all of their communication with guests in one place, including messaging through channels like WhatsApp and email. The hub also includes features such as guest segmentation, smart management tools, and auto replies.
  • Data and analytics: Duve provides property managers with data and insights on guest behavior, preferences, and satisfaction, allowing them to make informed decisions and improve the guest experience.

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