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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


GetawayGoGo is a platform that helps property managers to list and manage last-minute vacation rental availability, discounts, cancellations, and specials. It allows property managers to offer book direct pricing to guests, which means that the guests can book the rental directly with the property manager rather than through a third-party platform like Airbnb.

One of the key features of GetawayGoGo is its integration with property management systems (PMS), which allows property managers to easily update the availability of their rentals in real-time. This is particularly useful for handling last-minute updates, such as cancellations or changes in availability.

Overall, GetawayGoGo appears to be a useful tool for property managers looking to manage last-minute bookings and offer book direct pricing to guests. It is also easy to implement, which means that property managers can start using it quickly and efficiently.

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