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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


Kigo is a vacation rental software platform that helps property managers and owners manage and market their vacation rentals, as well as deliver a complete experience to guests. The platform includes a range of features to help vacation rental businesses maximize revenue, reduce operational costs, streamline the guest experience, and outperform the competition.

Some specific features of Kigo include:

  • Channel marketing: This feature allows property managers to customize their pricing and marketing strategies beyond simple syndication.
  • Business operations: Kigo offers tools to help manage and automate operations, building a foundation for sustainable growth.
  • Messaging: This feature allows property managers to manage both internal and external communications through the same platform.
  • Client services: Kigo's team of experts offers market and software expertise to help customers make better decisions.

Overall, Kigo is designed to help property managers and owners create exceptional experiences for their guests and run their vacation rental business more efficiently.

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