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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


MEWS is a cloud-based hospitality management platform that provides vacation rental owners with a range of tools and services to help them manage and optimize their business. The platform includes the following features:

  • Mews Operations: A control center for front office and back office staff with smart automation, allowing owners to streamline their operations and manage their business more efficiently.
  • Mews Guest Journey: A connected guest experience platform that helps owners create memorable and modern guest experiences.
  • Mews Payments: Tools for processing payments quickly, securely, and automatically.
  • Mews Business Intelligence: Tools for better understanding and analyzing the performance of the business, including analytics and reporting features.
  • Mews Marketplace: A marketplace of apps and integrations that can be used to further enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.
  • Mews Open API: A powerful API that allows owners to easily connect their existing tech to the MEWS platform.
  • Mews POS: A point-of-sale system specifically designed for hotel restaurants, providing owners with intuitive technologies to manage their restaurant operations.

Overall, MEWS is designed to help vacation rental owners maximize revenue, enhance the guest experience, and streamline operations.

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