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Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight


Minut is a sensor that can be used for occupancy monitoring and home security in various settings, including for property managers. It has several key features that are designed to help property managers keep their properties party- and damage-free, while also providing them with real-time data and insights. These features include:

  • Noise monitoring: Minut tracks sound levels to prevent noise issues and protect businesses.
  • Occupancy monitoring: Minut can detect how many people are in a space and can alert property managers if the property becomes overcrowded.
  • Tamper detection: Minut can detect if someone tries to move or disable it.
  • Security alarm and siren: Minut can provide additional protection for properties between bookings.
  • Install anywhere: Minut can be placed in various locations around a property, and it doesn't have to be near a power outlet.
  • Guest safety: Minut can alert property managers if the fire or CO alarms sound.

Minut is designed to be 100% privacy-safe and can be integrated with other home automation systems and devices to provide additional security and convenience. It can also be controlled and monitored through a smartphone app.

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