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Property Protect

Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight

Property Protect

Property Protect is a company that offers insurance products for vacation rental owners. Their main product, Secure Stay, is a flat-fee damage policy for short term rentals that covers damage or theft. It is automated and offers two policy options: $1,500 in coverage and $3,000 in coverage. Both options have a $0 deductible.

In addition to Secure Stay, Property Protect also offers renters insurance for renters. This insurance provides liability and personal property coverage starting from $13 per month. The coverage is pre-set to include:

  • $100k liability
  • $10k personal contents
  • $5k landlord loss of income
  • $2,500 flood
  • $1,000 in medical

There is a $500 deductible that applies to this insurance.

Property Protect also offers host insurance, which is designed to provide property damage protection insurance for damages left by tenants to the property. It includes $5,000 in damage or theft coverage with a $500 deductible, and the premium is $5 per night. This insurance also provides hosts with primary liability insurance while hosting guests.

Finally, Property Protect's products are available through an API for integration with existing websites or mobile applications. The API allows for automated policy purchase and issuance, and is designed to be easy to integrate with. It is also secure and reliable, and allows for wider reach and connectivity.

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