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Virtual Resort Manager (VRM)

Property Management Tech Guide: Company Highlight

Virtual Resort Manager (VRM)

Virtual Resort Manager (VRM) is a vacation rental software platform that is designed specifically for property managers in the vacation rental industry. It offers a range of features that are aimed at helping property managers to manage their rental properties more efficiently and effectively. Some of the key features of the platform include:

  • A property management system that allows property managers to manage their properties, reservations, and guests in a single platform.
  • Automated accounting functionality that streamlines the purchasing process and increases efficiency.
  • A customer resource management (CRM) system that helps build customer loyalty and improve the bottom line.
  • Advanced work order systems that allow property managers to originate and email work orders directly to vendors, and assign management charges to the work orders.
  • Automated trust accounting functionality that is user-friendly and compliant with North Carolina real estate regulations.
  • ExtraNets that provide configurable access to guests, owners, and travel agents, and reduce opportunity costs and improve user experience.
  • Historical data tracking that records and tracks employee actions in key areas of the system, providing added protection against fraud.
  • Online distribution channels that allow property managers to list and manage their properties on various vacation rental platforms and websites, including Vrbo, Airbnb,, and Google Travel.
  • Marketing tools that help property managers to promote their properties and reach potential guests, including email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools that provide insights and data on various aspects of the property management business, including performance, occupancy rates, and revenue.

Overall, VRM aims to provide property managers with a comprehensive solution for managing their vacation rental properties, including booking, marketing, and property management tasks.

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