7 Tips To Making Space In Your Garage

August 28, 2018


It happens to the DIYer, the craftsmen, the survivalist, the soccer dad (or mom). Your tools begin piling up, scrap parts stacked to the rafters and your garage is cluttered to say the least (2 cars??). The garage is still a special place in every home. We have focused on reclaiming space in your garage. Here are several tips on making space in your garage.

1. Pass On Valuables To Family Members

In general your stored items are there either because they have monetary value or a cherished memory. If you’re ready to clear up some room but not interested in selling items that is understandable. You’re not alone. With that in mind giving cherished items or valuable items to close family is always a great option to allow a family heirloom to be properly displayed or provide income to a family member that sells items online. You can open space at home while helping those close to you.

With a cherished memory you may consider passing them down to close relatives. If the item means something special to a brother for example, giving the item to a child of theirs may be a great option. If the gift is more personal you may want to consider getting it professionally restored prior to gifting it. This will ensure the gift last for generations to come.

2. Utilize Tool Cabinets

If you’re creating projects in the garage and tools are being lost or left around then a tool cabinet becomes a must. If you are able to find a cabinet specific to your tool set brand or style that is great. Otherwise, we strongly recommend a more open tool cabinet and some shelving rather than specialized as it will be better at storing general items.

Your tool cabinet itself will ideally be organized but it doesn’t always have tool. Just having the ability to clean the garage by piling in tools into the cabinet is a huge benefit. It would be ideal to store each tool in a specific spot of the cabinet to be able to find it easily, however, it is still easier to find than somewhere in the entire garage. Many have special drawer inserts or hangers for specific hand and power tools.

7 Tips To Making Space In Your Garage

3. Have A Yard Sale

The classic solution to making space with the bonus of earning cash is a yard-garage-parking lot sale. Yard sales are still popular and a great way to engage with the community. If you are more introverted you may also consider a virtual garage sale by selling items on online marketplaces as long as they are able to be shipped or you are comfortable with a local pickup (stay safe!). In the end you may be surprised to find out how valuable your old items are.

7 Tips To Making Space In Your Garage

4. Install A Ceiling Storage Unit

This recommendation may require the most resources to implement but also offers an incredible return. If you’re able to store items from the ceiling or a loft above you have nearly doubled your space. This space is great for sporting equipment such as skis, kayaks and more. If your garage is high enough you may also consider implementing ceiling shelving to hang things from. This will allow you to store other items that may need to dry after use such as outdoor sleeping bags.

5. Adjustable Wall Shelving Or Storage Cabinets

Utilizing wall space to store items will allow you to have so much more in so much of a smaller area. While heavy items will have to remain below, other items such as tools, boxes, electronics and more can be stored. Storage Cabinets with doors will discourage insects and dust from affecting finer items (and keep prying eyes out). This will also make finding items easier when a project or task comes up.

6. Remove Old Items

We have covered items with monetary value, items with cherished value but some items simply have no value and need to be removed. This can be extremely difficult for many. You should first ask, “Does it work?” If the answer is no, is it worth being repaired? If the answer is no again, then this is an item to remove. Will this item ever be used in the future or have monetary value? If not, we have more room to clear out some usable space. If you’re ever wondering about possible monetary value, then we recommend looking up similar or exact items selling on the internet.

7. Organize Remaining Items

You’ve come to the home stretch. You have used the best possible means to remove material from your garage. You have added storage space using cabinets and more. You only have to organize the remaining items to finish clearing that garage. This final step will allow you to access things easily and quickly.

If you have any questions or comments on how to make space in your garage, please let us know. Every project and consideration is different, and we would love to hear about yours!

Author Bio

Edward Flanagan is the founder of Edward’s Enterprises, a licensed general contractor that has been improving homes and providing retail maintenance in Southern California since 1996. Their services include junk removal, packing help, light demolition and hauling. Edward currently divides his time between Camarillo and West Los Angeles and loves the 405.

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