Caring For Your Granite The DIY Way

August 7, 2017
Caring For Your Granite The DIY Way

Granite kitchen countertops are a popular choice for many proud homeowners. Not only is granite a beautiful material to look at but it is also extremely durable and requires reasonably little maintenance. If you are looking for a material that can easily withstand high temperatures and resists a variety of stains when properly sealed, then granite is definitely the material to opt for. Although granite has plenty to offer it can, like any other countertop, exhibit signs of wear and tear after time making it imperative to care for your granite countertop in the correct way.

Sealing your granite properly will prevent it from soaking up liquids such as cooking oil, water and wine and although it can be rather pricey to reseal periodically it will contribute significantly towards extending the granite’s lifespan and boosting its appearance and give your home a clean and shiny appearance.

Caring for your granite must become a priority and cleaning your countertop will keep it sparkling and reduce grime buildup. How you clean it is very important as certain acidic materials can do your countertop more harm than good. Many store-bought granite cleaners are also very expensive which is why you should consider making your own, cost effective and perfectly safe granite cleaner.

Homemade Granite Cleaner

There's no need to feel overwhelmed at the thought of making your own cleaner. It is easier than you think and the ingredients are readily available in most households. You can also adjust the basic recipe as needed to suit your own preferences by simply reducing or increasing the amount of alcohol and experimenting with differently fragranced essential oils.

The Recipe

In a clean, dry spray bottle of your choice simply mix together the following:

  • ½ cup of rubbing oil
  • 6 drops dishwashing liquid
  • 2 cups water
  • 10 – 20 drops of essential oil (you can pick any scent you like with sandalwood and lavender both being popular choices)

Simply shake to mix and you are ready to go. Spray the liquid onto your countertop and gently wipe with a soft cloth such as those made from microfiber. Your homemade cleaner is also safe to use on other surfaces and appliances around the house because of its gentle nature.

While you are experimenting with homemade cleaners to find one that works best for you just remember to steer clear of the following:

  • Household cleaners that contain harsh materials such as bleach, glass cleaners and domestic degreasers that can eat away at the sealant.
  • Bathroom cleaners as they may contain abrasive substances that can scratch your granite.

Granite kitchen countertops are a long-term investment and with the proper care can last for many years. Granite is not a product that requires hour upon hour of maintenance and with just a small amount of effort you can ensure that your kitchen looks its best all the time.

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