A Clean House as an Employee Benefit

By Paula Fiuza
March 25, 2022

Before the pandemic doing chores was annoying: now, it is a burden, especially with the work from home model being thrown into the equation. Yet, studies have shown that a clean environment is fundamental for good mental health, and that working in an organized setting boosts productivity. What if there was an easy fix for this scenario? 

An Employee Benefit that actually makes a difference

Many tech companies are known for offering different and fun benefits. Anything and everything from free food at their headquarters to massages, acupuncture, and, of course, fun and games. In fact, Silicon Valley started the trend of offering more than basic health care to its employees. It was a way to attract talent showing they were different than other companies, and that they cared about their teams’ well-being. 

Cut to 2022, the Great Resignation, and a post-pandemic world that accelerated years' worth of digital progress in a matter of months. Perks at the headquarters don’t seem to matter that much, considering employees are barely going to the office. In fact, they are choosing to resign instead of going back to it. People want the balance working from home grants them, and companies are struggling to keep top talent.

In a world where professionals value the flexibility and freedom of working from home but often suffer from the chore build-up, what could be better than home cleaning as an employee benefit? 

Studies have proven that humans are more productive in a clean, organized environment. Whatever that may be, being neat directly affects our performance. The Princeton Neuroscience Institute conducted a study and found that “The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment.” 

Offering home cleaning services as an employee benefit is a straightforward answer to this issue. It takes care of something that is always lurking in the back of everyone’s minds during the workday: the dishes in the sink, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, the whole house is a mess! 

It takes off some of the stress, boosts employee morale and productivity and it can even be tax advantageous for the company, especially for the remote employees. We’ll talk more about that in our next blog post. TIDY can set up an easily accessible and manageable system especially for your company to start offering home cleaning services as a benefit today. Talk to one of our experts now!

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