Easier Cancellation Fee Waivers

June 8, 2021

New Feature! Property managers and similar customers can now more easily waive cancellation fees inside their app, without having to use the Concierge.

Before, if you canceled a job with a pro, and that pro had cancelation fees, you would incur the fee. Most pros do allow people to waive infrequent fees, but to take advantage of that we had to manually do that with the TIDY Concierge. Well, we always like making all options available to you in the interface, and we have. You can now request fee waivers inside your app or online at Inside your account, go to your "Billing History", and if you look for the fee itself, you should see an easily link to "Waive Fee".

Example of what "Waive Fee" looks like.

Tap this link to request a fee waiver, and if you are eligible in accordance with your pros settings, you will immediately get the credit. Your pro will also get a notification you took advantage of their policy. We love saving your time and money, this is a great example of that.

For more information, check out TIDY Documentation.

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