Product Update: Free Unlimited Users on TIDY Accounts

May 26, 2022

Property management companies have successfully been using TIDY to manage their business, but there has been a downside: one single login to all team members. Not anymore! Announcing a new product update: free unlimited users on accounts, a much overdue update that we are excited to roll out today.

Now, you can add unlimited users to your TIDY account, allowing for more efficient management, communication, and freedom to your teammates and employees.

Multiple users in action

Prior to this product update, we saw our users having to share their login info with their teams to make things work. Of course that's far from the ideal scenario: it creates privacy and security risks, makes things more complicated to be managed and, quite frankly, it was annoying.

With the new update, there is the possibility to add unlimited users to one single TIDY account for free. That opens up a myriad of possibilities for teams to use TIDY more efficiently on their day to day, manage their schedules, tasks, and look for new jobs, too.

This feature gives users the ability to:

  • Share jobs updates and results with anyone on their team
  • Create links to jobs within their accounting platform
  • Give progress reports to their manager
  • Collaboratively manage jobs with clients

Inviting Team Members

Having unlimited users on one single account is an amazing product update and feature, but how does it work? Simple as an email invitation. If they don't have a profile yet, they'll receive an invite via email to download and sign up for TIDY, and then be able to join your team. If they're already an user, it will be an invite to join your team.

From then on, it's all managing and growing your business. Check out our documentation for more details about how to collaborate on your property operations with a team.

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