Product Update: To-Do Templates

July 5, 2023

Recently, we made an update we wanted to announce. We used to require that  all "cards" in to-do lists to be associated with a room. This was great for those that wanted to build specific tasks per room, and use things such as inventory tracking. But for those who  want to use a template each time, we now support "To-Do Templates", or basically having to-do lists where the cards are not associated with a specific address.

What Are To-Do Templates?

To-Do Templates are a new way to organize tasks without having to associate them with a specific room. This gives you more freedom if you prefer using the same to-do list template across different jobs or properties.

How Does It Work?

Just like before, each to-do resides on one or more "cards." However, with this update, these cards can be associated with a room or not.

So, when should you associate a card with a room or not? Here's a simple guide:

Associate With Rooms If:

  • You want detailed reporting per property/room
  • You want to use inventory tracking
  • You are okay with more setup time

Don't Associate With Rooms If:

  • Tracking tasks done by a specific room is not important
  • Inventory tracking is not required
  • You prefer using the same "template" across jobs for efficiency

Remember, when a card is associated with a room, you get detailed insights, like inventory tracking for that room and a history of all tasks completed. However, these cards can't be copied to other properties.

How to Set Up To-Do Templates?

While setting up to-do lists, we recommend asking our team for help as every user has unique needs, and we want to ensure your to-dos are configured exactly as you want.

The introduction of To-Do Templates is another step towards making TIDY a more flexible and efficient tool for your cleaning services management. Check our documentation on to-do lists for cleaning and maintenance for more details, or reach out to our support team for assistance.

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