Property Preservation: Why is it important?

October 6, 2023

Property Preservation can be classified as cleaning, maintaining, and protecting properties, be it vacant or the house where you live. Taking good care of your building can provide countless benefits for you and the community where your real estate is located.

In Property Preservation,  we have to keep in mind that every property has its unique characteristics and needs, especially in urban areas, where all properties share access to the same infrastructure, such as drainage pipes and electric and telephone lines.

The main goal of property maintenance is to keep everything tidy and working as intended, taking measures to minimize the wear and tear that the environment may cause to your building, especially during the summer season when storms are more common!

Mortgage Field Services and Property Preservation

Mortgage Field Services

Mortgage field services are a set of services that are performed on behalf of mortgage lenders and servicers. These services can include property inspections, appraisals, maintenance, and repairs. Mortgage field services providers are typically third-party companies that are contracted by lenders and servicers to perform these tasks.

Mortgage Field Services are used interchangeably with Property Preservation; preventing foreclosed buildings increases costs due to security and maintenance issues. There are many different tasks involved in Mortgage Field Services and each of them is necessary to keep your assets safe.

Property inspections are one of the most common types of Mortgage Field Services. These inspections are typically performed before a mortgage is originated or when a property is being foreclosed on. The purpose of the inspection is to assess the condition of the property and identify any potential problems.

Appraisals are another common type of Mortgage field services. Appraisals are used to determine the value of a property for mortgage lending purposes. These service providers typically contract with appraisers to perform these valuations, which leads to more accurate price estimates.

Maintenance and repairs are also common Mortgage Field Services tasks. These services may be needed on vacant properties or on properties that are in foreclosure. Mortgage field services providers typically contract with maintenance and repair contractors to perform these tasks.

The importance of Mortgage Field Services

Mortgage field services are important for a number of reasons. First, they help to ensure that lenders and servicers have accurate information about the properties that they are lending money on. This information is essential for making sound lending decisions and for managing risk.

Second, Mortgage Field Services providers can help to protect lenders and servicers from fraud. For example, by performing property inspections, Mortgage Field Services providers can help to identify properties that are not in good condition or that may be misrepresented.

Third, Mortgage Field Services providers can help to reduce the costs associated with mortgage lending and servicing. By performing tasks such as property preservation and REO property management, Mortgage Field Services providers can help to minimize the amount of time and money that lenders and servicers have to spend on these tasks.

Overall, mortgage field services play an important role in the mortgage industry. By providing a variety of services, Mortgage Field Services providers help lenders and servicers to reduce their risk, protect their assets, and reduce their costs.

What are the benefits of Mortgage Field Services?

Maintaining your building in great shape can look like a daunting task, but even if it seems tough, it can lead to a wide range of benefits for you and your family, and even for your neighborhood, and in some cases, can even be a requisite of the Home Owners Association!

From the many different benefits of Property Preservation, we can list some of them as the most important:

  • Safety: Every Mother and Father knows that Family Safety is always the number one priority, and Property Maintenance is essential to make sure that family members are free from accident risks due to poor maintenance.

    Did you know that 1 person in nine in the United States has experienced injuries caused by home accidents? Good Property Preservation and maintenance can significantly reduce these risks.

  • Reduced Costs: Doing preventive maintenance on your property can save you significant costs when compared to corrective maintenance since the broken object has already suffered severe damage and will need to be completely replaced.

    The process of property preservation and preventive maintenance is not only faster than corrective maintenance but also avoids the need to have ample renovations on the building.

  • Value Increase: Real Estate is a complex industry, but everyone can agree that a good-looking property has a higher sale value and is substantially more attractive than a building that needs urgent maintenance.

    Studies show that preserving properties is a great way to ensure that their value will only go up as years go by, taking care of any possible issues that the property may have.

    And this value increase is not only limited to your property. Property preservation can help to increase property values in a neighborhood by making the neighborhood more attractive and desirable.

  • Making your house more visually attractive: Studies show that having a comfortable house environment can have a positive impact on your mental health, and also improve the productiveness for home-office workers.

    Executing regular maintenance on your house can keep your furniture and environments looking great for years to come and also improve your day-to-day life!

How technology can help you Preserve your Property?

Technology for Property Maintenance

Property Preservation is an ongoing process, with daily activities to maintain everything in place and in top shape; it is important to note that not every task needs to be done manually. Technology can be a powerful ally to help you go through this process and make tasks go faster, which is a necessity for big houses or multi-unit properties.

And that is where Property Preservation Software can make your life easier. This software offers many different features that will help you with your daily maintenance, with an accessible interface that will make it easy for even beginners to leverage all that the application has to offer.

One of the great advantages of using software to manage your property is that you can do it from anywhere using your cellphone, so even when you are on well-deserved vacations, you won’t worry about the state of your home because everything can be tracked by configuring the information needed on the app.

World Class Mortgage Field Services and Property Preservation Automation Software

The TIDY App is a tool created with all of your needs in mind, with years of experience and regular updates to add more features and make your daily operations run smoothly, for both single-unit homes or huge buildings, the whole maintenance process can be automated using our powerful features.

For property managers who own multiple homes or buildings, using the TIDY app can make everything easier by creating routines that are specific to each property, and you can also assign professional cleaners and handymen to those buildings, finding the perfect professional for your region.

Using the TIDY App, you can also create custom tasks related to specific areas of your house, which is very important in some cases. One great example is If you need to keep an inventory of cleaning supplies in your house, you can create an alert for specific quantities of a product and receive a notification that you need to buy those products if they go below a certain threshold.

Another great feature is the possibility to automate your process; you can do a one-time configuration of your process and set it as automatic to be repeated whenever you think that is necessary, and also make any changes that you want and keep the process up to date based on the needs of each specific property.


With so many benefits, Property Preservation is a must for every property owner, even if you own a small home or a huge building; being well organized will help you not only keep your properties from de-valuation but will also increase their value for future generations and have positive impacts for the whole community.

By using property maintenance software, you can automate this process, saving precious hours of your day and avoiding many potential issues that might happen by neglecting maintenance for some areas of your estate.

Avoid reducing the value of your properties by using powerful tools on your maintenance operations and receiving the best treatment possible for your home by high-ranked professionals specialized in cleaning and maintenance services.

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