The best new employee benefits

July 5, 2022

In such a tight, competitive job market, companies are scrambling to attract and maintain talent. This is when advice and guidance from an expert benefits broker come in: what benefits should companies offer? What is the market looking for? What is new out there?

A great benefits package can be the deciding factor for a top professional to join a business. Here's what you, your benefits broker, and your human resources department must know.

Focus on well-being and health

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the world for good, and it has made a significant impact on what employees are looking for. This means that companies need to be aware of changes and offer an attractive mix of tried and tested, traditional benefits, with new ones: ones that would most definitely have not been a part of benefits packages some years ago.

A couple of new ones that people have frequently been looking for are any and all related to mental health and well-being. If before the pandemic the trend of self-care was already booming, 2022 certainly puts a major focus on it: people know they need to be happy and healthy, and many are now reconsidering their relationship to work.

So that means benefits such as:

  1. Supplemental Insurance
  2. Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits
  3. Mental Health Support
  4. Counseling/Mentoring
  5. Childcare Support
  6. Parental Leave
  7. Gym memberships
  8. Spa memberships
  9. Quiet room in-office
  10. Meditation

Think outside the box

The tech companies such as Google, Uber, and Facebook have been well known for offering amazing perks and in-office attractions that make their headquarters look like amusement parks. That has certainly made an impact on how other companies view employee benefits and has changed the market.

Benefits brokers, on top of offering the usual health and dental insurances, as well as the occasional tuition reimbursement, need to have diverse, interesting portfolios to keep up with a demanding market and employees that know very well what they want.

Being creative and attending to an ordinary need is a great approach. For example, childcare. Or gym memberships, as mentioned above. But what if you went one step further?

What if a company could lighten the burden of chores? Yes, home cleanings as an employee benefit. It actually provides a tax break for the company and it removes a burden from exhausted employees: having to tend to their chores once a work day is done.

TIDY makes it easy to offer home cleanings as a benefit in three simple steps: sync the employee list, set up the campaign, and load the desired credit amount for them to use. A clean home equals happier employees. Talk to us today.  

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