7 Efficient Property Management Automation Uses

August 2, 2023

The days of manually tracking move-in and move-out dates, occupancy rates, rent payments, and everything else are over! With property management automation software, property managers can effectively oversee their properties, maximize profitability, and ensure tenant and guest satisfaction.

Property management automation offers a range of benefits by streamlining various processes and reducing manual tasks. Let's explore seven efficient uses of property management automation that can revolutionize property management operations.

What Is Property Management Automation?

No one wants to eliminate human interaction, but automation technology can take over many processes and make things easier for tenants and property managers alike. Property management automation is a software solution that automates those time-consuming, repetitive tasks and streamlines many processes in managing rental properties. By automating critical aspects of their job, landlords and property management businesses can save time, reduce errors, and cut costs, improving both their lives and the lives of their tenants.

It's much more convenient for tenants as well, since they can handle all paperwork and payments electronically. And in a post-COVID world where many are still being cautious when it comes to their health, automation software can greatly benefit those who prefer to limit face-to-face interactions when they can.

Top Property Management Automation Uses

Let's explore the top seven efficient uses of property management automation and how it can help make things easier for both the tenant and the landlord.

1. Streamline Tenant Onboarding

Automating the tenant onboarding process significantly reduces administrative tasks and paperwork. With automation software, landlords and property managers can create online tenant application forms, collect the necessary documentation for approval, and conduct background checks on potential tenants. This streamlines the tenant screening and approval process, ensuring a seamless transition from applicant to tenant.

Once an applicant is approved, the automation software can generate digital lease agreements, which can be signed and returned digitally. Next, property management software can provide new tenants with the information they need for move-in day, such as lockbox codes, laundry facility information, community guidelines, and any other paperwork typically given to new tenants.

2. Simplify Rent Collection Processes

No more phone calls or posting notices on the front door for a tenant behind on their rent. Automation simplifies rent collection for tenants and property managers by providing online payment options and payment reminders to reduce late payments and the need for manual follow-ups.

Property management software can integrate with payment gateways, allowing tenants to pay rent electronically through a connected bank account or a credit or debit card. These gateways often enable users to set up recurring payments to pay rent automatically.

3. Automate Maintenance Request Handling

Property management automation software often provides an accessible portal for tenants to submit property maintenance requests online, wiping out the need for phone calls or paper forms. For example, suppose a tenant has a smoke detector that needs its batteries replaced or the ice maker on their refrigerator is no longer working. They can submit a maintenance request digitally as soon as the problem arises.

Automation systems can categorize and prioritize property maintenance tasks, assign them to maintenance staff or vendors, and provide real-time updates to tenants on the status of their requests. This streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring timely resolution and tenant satisfaction.

4. Optimize Property Inspections and Reporting

Automation simplifies property inspections by providing digital checklists and integrating mobile inspection apps, ensuring every inspection is consistent. Property managers can inspect, document findings, and capture photos using mobile devices.

Once inspections are complete, the findings can be transferred into comprehensive inspection reports, highlighting any issues that require attention. This ensures thorough and efficient property inspections while maintaining accurate records.

5. Enhance Communication With Tenants

Effective communication with tenants is crucial for maintaining tenant satisfaction and resolving issues promptly. Property management automation software often offers tenant portals and automated messaging systems. Tenants can access their accounts, receive important announcements, submit inquiries, and communicate with property managers through a centralized platform.

For example, say there is a community-wide event for all the tenants, such as a potluck, or cars need to be moved to a specific area because the parking lot is being power washed. Communication automation provides an easy way to get the word out to all tenants without using flyers or posting notices on community bulletin boards. Automation facilitates timely and efficient communication, enhancing the landlord-tenant relationship.

6. Efficient Lease Renewal and Documentation

Property management software can automate lease expiration reminders and generate renewal offers. It can store lease agreements digitally and automatically generate tenant renewal documents, reducing physical paperwork and ensuring a smooth lease renewal process. Typically, all that a tenant will need to do once their lease is up for renewal is sign in to their tenant portal, signify that they would like to renew their lease, and then digitally sign the agreement.

7. Real-Time Financial Reporting and Bookkeeping

Property management software provides real-time financial reporting and bookkeeping capabilities for property management companies. Landlords and property managers can easily track income and expenses, generate financial statements, and monitor the financial health of their properties. Automating the property management workflow reduces the time spent on manual bookkeeping and other financial property management tasks, minimizing business operations errors and providing accurate financial insights.

Reap the Benefits of TIDY's Property Management Automation Software

Consider using TIDY's property management automation software to reap the benefits of property management automation. TIDY offers a comprehensive solution incorporating all essential automation features into one powerful platform.

With TIDY, landlords and property managers can streamline tenant onboarding, rent collection, maintenance request handling, property inspections, tenant communication, lease renewal management, and financial reporting. TIDY's user-friendly interface and robust features empower property managers to automate and optimize their property management processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency. Try out TIDY for your properties today!

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