TIDY and Host Tools announce direct integration

By Paula Fiuza
May 16, 2022

TIDY and Host Tools are powerful software solutions for property managers and owners to run their businesses and grow revenue. Now, they work together in a seamless matter. We are thrilled to announce a direct integration with Host Tools, a partnership that intends to improve our customers' experiences and move us one step closer to the future of cleaning automation. 

Why does this matter?

Before, clients were able to integrate Host Tools and TIDY using iCal links, but that could be bothersome: each of their listings had to be uploaded individually into TIDY, which took some time. Now, with the direct API integration, all property information syncs automatically, after clicking a couple of buttons. 

The step by step couldn't be easier:

1. Login into both Host Tools and TIDY accounts

2. Copy the Host Tools API key from the account settings

3. In TIDY , look for and click on "Integrations" in the left menu bar

4. Click "Add Integration"

5. On the new screen, search for “Host Tools” 

6. Paste the API key in the designated field

Once that's done, a syncing process will begin and take about 15 minutes to complete. During that, TIDY will pull all listings on Host Tools as addresses, and the user is now able to perform actions that will be reflected automatically on both platforms. 

Here's a video explanation of the process, as well:

For example, under each address, it's possible to select "Automatic Booking" and configure it according to one's specific needs, such as check-in/check-out time and types of cleaning. That means that every time there's a new guest check-in registered in the Host Tools account, TIDY will book a cleaning job for that specific property, according to pre-determined choices made by the client. 

We're excited about the possibilities this new partnership brings to our customers and can't wait to welcome new Host Tools users. If you ever need any help, TIDY Concierge is here for you. 

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