6 Vrbo House Rules You Should Implement

July 3, 2023

As a Vrbo host, it is essential to set clear and reasonable house rules for your guests. It is also important to write your vacation rental house rules in a way that is clear, polite, and enforceable.

In this article, we will share six examples of Vrbo house rules that you can use or adapt for your own listing. We will also cover the best way to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance with TIDY, a professional cleaning service and management platform for short-term rentals like yours.

What Are Vrbo House Rules?

Vrbo house rules are the terms and conditions that you set for your guests when they book a stay at your vacation rental. They are different from the Vrbo policies or Vrbo rules for owners — which are the general rules and standards that apply to all Vrbo hosts and guests — and are specific to your rental property. They can also vary depending on your location, type of space, amenities, and personal preferences. Clear vacation rental rules help make sure there are no unexpected surprises for either guests or property managers.

Because Vrbo rules for guests are part of the rental agreement, if your guests violate your custom house rules, you can report them to Vrbo and request compensation for any damages or extra fees. You can also cancel their reservation or ask them to leave without offering a refund if the violation is severe or repeated.

Vrbo house rules should be clear and concise, using direct language to explain what is expected. They should be polite and respectful, with a professional tone that is not intimidating or accusative. Your rules should also include the repercussions for breaking them, such as additional cleaning fees.

6 Vrbo House Rules With Examples

If you’re having trouble thinking of the right custom Vrbo house rules, here are six we recommend:

1. Cleaning Rules

Cleaning rules make it clear to your guests how they should leave your property when they check out. These rules help ensure that your vacation rental properties are clean and tidy for the next guests, as well as reduce the amount of work and time required from you or your professional cleaners.


  • Strip the bedsheets and towels and place them in the laundry basket.
  • Turn off all lights and air conditioning units.
  • Lock all doors and windows.

2. Pet and Smoking Rules

Pet and smoking rules are essential for maintaining your property’s cleanliness. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to allow pets or allow smoking in outside areas. If so, you’ll likely want to adjust your cleaning fees to accommodate any issues.

However, you also have the full right to prohibit both pets and smoking on your property. Both can cause stains, odors, and hazards that you may want to avoid in order to have a well-maintained property in the long term.


  • We love pets, but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate them at our property due to allergies and potential damages. Please do not bring any pets or animals to our home without our prior approval. If we find any evidence of pets or animals at our property, we will charge you an extra cleaning fee of $200.

3. Overnight Guest Rules

Most rentals charge booking fees based on the number of guests staying at the property because more guests often result in more cleaning and maintenance following each stay. You want to be clear about whether or not non-paying overnight guests are allowed in your space.


Visitors who are not registered as guests are welcome during the day, but they cannot stay overnight without our prior approval. Please inform us in advance if you plan to have any visitors during your stay. We charge an extra fee of $20 per person, per night for any additional guests beyond six people.

4. Noise Levels and Disturbance Rules

Noise levels and disturbance rules are essential to comply with local regulations and neighbor satisfaction. If your vacation rentals routinely receive neighborhood complaints, you may be required to shut down operations. To avoid this, make sure your Vrbo house rules are clear about noise limits, quiet hours, and other expectations to prevent disturbing others.


  • We want you to enjoy yourself at our home, but please be mindful of the noise levels at all times. Please keep the volume of music, TV, conversations, etc., at a reasonable level during the day and lower it after 10 p.m. until 8 a.m.

5. Penalty and Enforcement Rules

Penalty and enforcement rules define how you will handle any violations of your house rules by your guests. Being clear about penalties can help you deter unwanted behaviors, as well as receive compensation for any damages.


In the case of violations of our house rules by our guests, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions, such as:

  • Charge extra fees for damages, cleaning, extra guests, etc.
  • Report the violation to Vrbo customer service.
  • Cancel a reservation without a refund.

6. Local Regulations Rules

Local regulations rules may need to be put in place regarding local taxes, permits, parking, trash disposal, recycling, etc. This ensures you avoid any legal trouble or fines on behalf of your guests.


  • Our property has a valid short-term rental permit from the city council. Please do not remove or tamper with the permit number displayed on our front door.
  • As a Vrbo host, we are required to collect and remit a local occupancy tax of 10% on top of the rental rate. This tax is added to your total amount when you book and pay through Vrbo.

Ensure Proper Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Vacation Rental With TIDY

Setting clear Vrbo house rules is one way to ensure that your vacation rental is clean and well-maintained. Even with the best house rules, you still need to perform regular cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance between each booking to ensure the best stays for your guests.

TIDY is an all-in-one platform for professional cleaning services for short-term rentals like Vrbo. TIDY offers flexible, affordable, and reliable cleaning solutions tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

With TIDY, you can:

  • Book cleaning services online anytime.
  • Choose from different cleaning plans to suit your budget and schedule.
  • Customize your cleaning checklist and preferences.
  • Communicate directly with your cleaners and get real-time updates.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your property is being cared for.

Ready to try TIDY for your Vrbo property? Get a free quote today and learn more about how TIDY can take your hosting experience to a new level.

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