Airbnb Plus Requirements Explained

December 2, 2022

Launched in 2018, Airbnb Plus is an exclusive program that provides benefits for the best hosts. The benefits of being a Plus host include:

  • A badge to stand out in searches
  • Professional photography for your listing
  • Interior design advice and support
  • Access to the community center for inside expertise

The difference between Airbnb Plus vs. Superhosts is that qualifying as a Superhost is automatic once you meet specific requirements. Qualifying for Airbnb Plus is a more rigorous process.

Breaking Down Airbnb Plus Requirements

1. Have an Eligible Standard Listing

No host starts in Airbnb Plus. Before joining the program, you must already have an eligible listing. Signing up as a host isn't too hard, and once you're in, Airbnb connects you with experienced guests and local hosts to get you started on the right foot. However, for your listing to even be considered for Airbnb Plus, it must first meet three criteria:

  • It must be at least a private room, if not an entire place
  • It must have a private bathroom
  • It must be located where Airbnb Plus is available

Not all properties are eligible, no matter how excellent, so make sure your listing meets these requirements before shooting for Plus.

2. Already Meet Airbnb's Basic Requirements

As an Airbnb host, your goal isn't simply to shelter your guests but to make their stay easy and convenient. Airbnb's basic requirements can be divided into two main categories. The first of these is essential amenities, which consists of the following:

  • One towel per guest
  • One pillow per guest
  • Linens for each bed
  • Enough toilet paper and soap for everyone

If you can't even provide your guests with toilet paper, you'll never reach Airbnb Plus.

The second category is the ease of booking. This involves:

  • Accepting booking requests as soon as you can
  • Maintaining a high response rate, replying to all inquiries within 24 hours
  • Avoiding cancellations, except as a last resort

Your guests are usually travelers with many dates and reservations to juggle, and they'll greatly appreciate your quick and straightforward responses to their inquiries.

3. Complete a Home Visit With a Third-Party Inspector

After you host for a while, maintain a stellar rating, and avoid canceling on anyone, you'll eventually be considered for Airbnb Plus. Before this happens, you need to request an inspection of your property. After a remote assessment, Airbnb will perform an in-person inspection. They're not checking for basic bathroom essentials anymore. They have an extensive checklist comparing you to the best listings on the market. The Airbnb Plus checklist asks things like:

  • Is each room's layout and function carefully considered?
  • Is every item installed properly and free of damage?
  • Are there digital check-in instructions, including photos?
  • Is there a functional TV with streaming?
  • Are there sugar packets available?

You get the idea. Remember that Airbnb Plus consists of the most convenient, comfortable, and unique listings. This inspection aims to point out areas for improvement and let you know how to make your property even better.

4. Have and Maintain an Average Rating of at Least 4.8 Stars

Like the Superhost program, Airbnb Plus requires an average rating of 4.8 stars or higher. Reaching this threshold is quite simple: get good reviews! You will get a high rating from guests if you give them an excellent rental experience. Quickly responding to inquiries, performing maintenance between bookings, reasonable house rules, and a unique, atmospheric property all help show your guests a good time. Happy guests will leave you five-star reviews.

5. Meet Airbnb Plus Comfort, Hospitality, and Design Standards

Guests searching for Airbnb Plus listings aren't looking for a cheap dorm bed. They'll be expecting your property to be an experience in and of itself and hold you to the following standards:

  • Style standard: Each room will need a thoughtful design and show off your unique sense of style.
  • Comfort standard: Regularly maintaining your property will keep it clean and comfortable. The space should be tidy and spotless.
  • Hospitality standard: Make your guests feel welcome by always being polite and available to help or answer questions.

6. Offer a Wide Range of Amenities

Part of the Airbnb Plus experience is having a variety of amenities you can't find anywhere else. Your guests may come from all walks of life, so you should be ready to accommodate them. New parents will appreciate highchairs, cribs, and extra cleaning supplies, while those traveling for work might need office supplies and strong Wi-Fi. Some people travel long-term, so cooking and laundry amenities will make your space more attractive to these people. Once everyone's needs are met, focus on luxury options such as wine glasses, coffee, spices, a pool, a jacuzzi, air conditioning, snacks, and whatever else you would love your property to have.

7. Provide Extra Hospitality, Maintenance, and Cleanliness

Ultimately, hosting is a service, and Airbnb Plus is for hosts that go the extra mile. Even when your property isn't in use, check in every day to keep it clean and orderly. Always be available for communication with guests. Constantly be on the lookout for cool new amenities that guests will love. The best hosts are always looking for new ways to delight their guests.

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